Acer Laptop problems

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My friend seems to think that I am be all and end all of computer
knowledge, so she passed me her Acer Laptop and asked me make it work
faster. I deleted all the junk that was on there, and left it a couple
of days. I come back to it, and now it wont turn on... well, almost

It's weird, you press the power, it gets as far as checking the cd
drive (about 2 seconds), and the shuts down.

So, the question is, what's wrong? Sounds like a power problem... but
I just don't know. and if it's power, how come it booted up once?
(and  mean once out of about 10 attempts)

Any hints would be appreciated.

Re: Acer Laptop problems

woim wrote:

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A few shots in the dark:

1. is the laptop plugged into AC when doing this?
2. Try removing the battery and try bringing it up?
3. Try booting in "safe Mode" and see what happens.
4. Possible an overheating situation.  Blow out the cooking slots with high
pressure air.

My guess #3 will work.  If so you've got to find the offending driver and
disable/remove/replace it to continue.

Please post and let us know what and if you ever get it working.

Re: Acer Laptop problems

Plz make sure battrey geting charged r not (note the battrey LED)
Check with AC power and without AC power (note if any changes)
if u got the boot screen then try to change the booting settings as
default. then check what happens.

woim wrote:
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Re: Acer Laptop problems

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a go and get back to you.

Safe mode won't work, it doesn't get that far. it turns itself off
before it reaches the BIOS most times.

Re: Acer Laptop problems

Sorry, meant to say

It was overheating, and just needed to be cleaned out. I don't where
they'd been keeping the blasted thing, but it was more than a little

works like a dream now.

Thanks for your help.

It's weird... if it had been a desktop... I would have worked that
out, but for a laptop, I just drew a blank

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