Acer laptop problem

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Bought a TravelMate 2428 about half a year ago. It has been having a weird
problem. The shop can hardly identify what's wrong as it just happens

Sometimes, after the laptop has been in use for a few hours, the screen
suddenly turns to a mono color (black, or orange, or blue....). The machine
seems still running, but just display fails. It's nothing to do with power
options. I have to use power button to turn it off and turn back on, the
display then comes back.

Any advice appreciated.


Re: Acer laptop problem

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yes, the shop don't want to identify that your graphics is faulty cos then
they gotta replace the MoBo. card or complete unit................get back
to them and start jumping.

Re: Acer laptop problem

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I completely agree. Your graphics card may be failing and the Acer shop just
doesn't want to admit it. Acer's repair facility has "issues" with admitting
they need to actually replace a part. I had to send my Acer Aspire 5100 back
to them twice and file a BB complaint before their repair depot would admit
my CMOS battery was an issue and they needed to replace the MoBo. What
Acer's shop does when they receive a unit (according to a rep from Acer I
dealt with on my problem) is run a diagnostic using a CD. If that diagnostic
does not indicate a problem, they box it back up and send it to you. In my
experience, most of the time they do not even wait 24 hours before doing so.
They are very quick to simply assume the customer is wrong and the problem
does not exist.

Acer's are decent units, if you find one that works completely in the first
place, if you don't have to deal with their technical support (they don't
include the phone number in the PDF manual included in the Aspire, and
probably every other unit, and they get D or F's from every site I've seen
rate phone and email technical support) and if you don't have to deal with
their repair facility due to a problem.

Re: Acer laptop problem

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I used to get this when I first got my PC, hasn't happened in a long while
right enough.
Used to sit with it on my lap a lot and thought it was just overheating cos
the vents are underneath.
Might need to monitor this as my 1yr warranty is up in 2 months time.

Gerry (The MOTH)

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