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Hello Everyone,

I have recently purchased a Acer Travelmate c110 from ebay.

This laptop came with no reinstall disks at all, the previous owner claimed
he wasn't supplied them with the system. However it did come with the
windows certificate of authenticity, and the Windows XP Tablet edition
serial number.

Now, what I have noticed is, there are actually 2 partitions on the system,
a 30gig slice being used as my C: drive and a 9 gig slice as D:, however
this drive has the label 'userdata'. With roughly 1.40gig in use.

In my past experience I have known manufacturers ship, new systems with a
separate partition, which is used to contain the OEM reinstall information.
I am just wondering if this could be the case with the acer system in
question. And if so, how can I access this slice to reinstall the system, as
the system does not come with a cdrom or floppy drive.

Thanks in advance

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"Materialised" wrote:


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There may be a key combination to boot from the hidden partition. I
*think* on my 3022 it was "Alt-F7", but I can't check, because it's off
for repair. I do remember there was a reference to it in the bios menu,
though, so it might be worth looking there (usually press "F2" or
"Delete" during boot-up, to enter most bios menus).



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Materialised wrote:
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Do you mean you can't access D:? Then how do you know it's there?

Re: Acer Laptop

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My Acer was supplied with a "data" partition (their term) from new.
Presumably this is what you see rather than the "hidden" sectors used as a
recovery strategy by some manufacturers. If you want rid of the sector one
of the sector management progs should do this for you, or if you want a
clean install of your own o/s then remove all partitions via Fdisk before
installation. Even better, and more secure, use Killdisk before you install
anything to remove any potential for virus/ trojan retention.



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Pilgarlick wrote:
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Good choice, I'm an Acer man myself and I can thoroghly reccommend
them, I don't believe there is a cheaper laptop (although they run
quite warm).

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Well, when I got my TM4502LCi, it had 3 partitions, 2 visible in
Windows and a hidden partition.

HIDDEN FAT32   -   Contained the contents of the restore CD's. To allow
recovery without the need for CD's.
FAT32 C:\ (Acer)   -   Being the Windows installation directory.
FAT32 D:\ (AcerData)   -   Being a second (empty) partition.

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To access my BIOS, you press F2, and to access the boot menu, you press
F12 (but this is an option that must be enabled in the BIOS). To enter
the restore mode press ALT + F10 (again, this must be enabled in the
BIOS). Access can also be granted by using the restore CD (you can
obtain copies from Acer for a small fee).

User manuals are readily available for free from Acer, .


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