Acer CrystalBrite vs "regular" screen

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Hi guys,

Just doing some last minute obsessing before I take the plunge and order my
first laptop. ;-)

My use will be graphics editing (generally illustration/art, rather than
photography) and the machine will be entirely used indoors.

The shortlist is:

Acer Aspire 1362WLMi (Price inc 3 yrs Warranty 612)
Acer Aspire 3022WLMi (Price inc 3 yrs AD Warranty 682)

(Dell Inspiron 6000 was in the running, but I've ruled it out for the price
Dell UK want for a 3 year warranty).

Specs are similar - both being Sempron 2800+ based and both having
dedicated video RAM. The significant difference for me is that the 3022 has
a "CrystalBrite" screen and the 1362 does not.

I know LCD's are reputed to offer poorer colour reproduction when compared
to CRT's - does a CrytsalBrite screen make this better or worse?

Also, I understand that LCD's are easier on the eyes (than CRT's) - again
does anyone have any comments on whether a very glossy screen helps or
hinders in this area?

I know it would be better if I could see them myself, but they're not
stocked locally, so if anyone has had the chance to compare CrystalBrite
(or similar glossy screens) to regular screens, I'd appreciate any



Re: Acer CrystalBrite vs "regular" screen

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I recently purchased the 1362 LMi normal screen version   Laptop ,from
Acer  Have to say I am very happy with it so far, Purchased to replace
my Noisy Desktop. Indoors I use my 18inch Nec TFT
as a display. But the inbuilt screen is fine ,I don't expect much of it
in bright sun though,
I can't get on with glossy screens at all, As it's like looking in a
Mirror!! Horrible and very distracting , If I want to know what's
happening behind me I can always look round,


M Wright

Re: Acer CrystalBrite vs "regular" screen

M Wright wrote:

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Thanks. This is kind of what I was concerned about... I saw a screenshot
of the reflective effect and it looked distracting, but went and ordered
a 3022 a couple of hours ago - still it's the weekend, so plenty of time
to cancel. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. ;-)


Re: Acer CrystalBrite vs "regular" screen

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I personally like the bright panels, but it's largely a matter of
taste.  I wanted to use my laptop outside, and the regular screens
look washed out, even when shaded.  The brighter screen was really
necessary.  Shading keeps the reflective effect down.

Most laptops rename the same manufacturers' screens, so if *any*
stores have bright-screen laptops (Sony, HP, Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc)
you should be able to get an idea what they look like.

Re: Acer CrystalBrite vs "regular" screen

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Thanks. I settled on sticking with the 3022 order (the bright panel) and
it's very nice indeed. There is some reflection when pointing at a
window, but the room I use it in has plenty of blinds, so that's not much
of an issue.


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