Acer Aspire AS3050...Stay Away?

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Looking for a cheap laptop (mobile word processing...nothing more.)

Our local big-box store has seven Acer Aspire AS3050-1092 models in
stock...all retured.

Danger danger? Or perhaps 7 people wanted something bigger and faster after

Here's a link to specs...


Re: Acer Aspire AS3050...Stay Away?

On Tue, 06 Nov 2007 02:08:56 GMT, "Zomby Woof"

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Or 7 people that would have been perfectly happy running XP on
this box ?

It's specs are pretty close to those of my Acer. Happy with 512
MB. And glad I skipped the 'upgrade to Vista' offer :-)

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

Re: Acer Aspire AS3050...Stay Away?

Gerard Bok wrote:
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How right you are. I needed to buy fast a replacement machine and it
came with Vista. I gave it a short but honest try (there was no point in
a return, this was the machine I wanted and it was no longer available
with XP) but quickly decided I did not care about warranty issues, I
would just take the time it needed to remove Vista and install XP.
Finding the drivers was not easy, the manufacturer not listing any for XP.

But now that it is up and running XP, I can see why people might return
a perfectly good machine once they find what mess MS has made of this
OS. A real nightmare for anyone except may be those who are newcomers to
computing and have no point of comparison.

John Doue

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