Acer aspire 3102WLMi

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Hi there newbie calling in.
                                              We want to support
grandson in his foundation course prior to possible uni next year. We
know how these can get treated/lost/swapped and have looked to find
something compatible. He has come up with the above model and we agree
the choice and price of 500.00 less 3 pence.

For this price it is an online buy from laptops direct.

Your opinions and/or experiences with supplier/model would be much
jim W.

Re: Acer aspire 3102WLMi

I bought the ACER 2428i from laptopdirect for just over 400 a month ago and
would recommend the laptop and the company to anyone. Price was good
compared to other sites I looked at and seeing this is my first personal
laptop I've very please with it.

I've loaded free virus software(AVG), SpyBot Search & Destroy and firewall
(ZoneAlarm), as the supplied Nortons and FSecure crashed the damn thing.

Got the Free OpenOffice suite of tools for producing documents and creating

Don't know the spec of the 3102 off hand, but the 2428i came with DVD
Rewriter, WiFi (I work away and have access to a wifi connection for free
calls via MSN to the Wife & Kids), 1.7GHz, 512MB Memory (Don't accept
anything less) & 60GB.

Gerry (The MOTH)

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Re: Acer aspire 3102WLMi

J L Williams wrote:

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I purchased an Acer 3002LWci about 9 months ago for $599 USD and was so
impressed for the money that a month later I purchased another of the same
for $499 USD.  Both are identical and both work just GREAT!  No real
long-term reliability records but they DO get used every day.

As far as software... I recommend staying away from the "free" stuff that
comes bundled and just get rid of it.  For virus use GRISoft and zonealarm
if you need it  Use Open office 2.x and set the defaults to M$Wordfor
school work and thee should be no problems.   Oh, and use Firefox for the
browser and if the school REQUIRES IE then install the User-Agent plug in
that will masquerade IS to the server.

Just my $.03 USD worth.

Good luck.


Re: Acer aspire 3102WLMi

bobmct wrote:
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I don't know about your 3002LWci, but I bought an Acer Aspire 3102WLMi
in September 2006 and it is FAULTY. They all are - if you are thinking
of buying one ask for a Windows Mem Diag result beforehand. Also, I get
the feel that the HD is not long for this world - look it up...

As for the Acer support, it is, like it's notebook, not fit for
purpose. I bought the notebook locally without checking. I will never
buy an Acer product again.

You are not being charged for this review though I fount it impossible
to find one that was not ill informed nor written by a sales dept.


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