ACER any good ?

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Are ACER laptops decent ? The prices looked good, not sure if I should
spend more and get an HP instead ---

Re: ACER any good ?

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Good, no. Decent, yes. I personally wouldn't buy either, but lean
toward the Acer.
Charlie Hoffpauir
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Re: ACER any good ?

I can't speak for ACER laptops, but I have a new ACER desktop and a 4
year old HP desktop.  I've been very pleased with both.

HP has excellent customer service and I like the design of their
laptops.  My laptop is mid-range with a squarish and clean design,
without the bulky feel that many others had.  A ze1230 from 2002.  The
only major problem I had with the laptop was a broken AC power
connector after 2 years, which I think is a common problem with laptop
motherboards.  As soon as I forked over $100 to extend my warranty,
they sent me a label to express ship it to them for repair, and it was
back in less than 5 days.  Another minor problem is that the screen has
lost friction so that it won't hold its position if I lean it too far
forwards or backwards.  So, good service from HP, and good reliability

You can defiinitely get a very good deal on an ACER computer.  I bought
my desktop because it was an insanely good deal from Circuit City:
Athlon 64 2.2 ghz, 1 gig RAM, 200 gb HD, DVD/CD/R/W, NVidia mobo,
Firewire, 19" LCD monitor, decent Epson multifunc printer.  One thing I
*really* like is that it doesn't have any of the bargain-basement parts
that you would expect: the RAM is actually DDR, the hard drive is large
and fast, the processor is Socket 939 (AMD's high-end desktop socket),
the onboard Ethernet is gigabit, the fans are whisper-quiet, plenty of
USB and firewire ports are included, and the case is solid and
attractive without the cheap plastic look of eMachines, for example.

I know that ACER doesn't have much of a support operation in the USA,
but if you run Linux and tinker with your hardware like I do, you
probably don't care that much.  I'm just happy that they've produced
such a solid well-thought-out hardware package at such a good price.

Hope this helps,

Dan Lenski

Re: ACER any good ?

I`ve had my 3003 for about 5 months now and so far I`m pleased.I`ve carried
it around college for about 3 months of that and aside from scratches I see
no problems. Be aware of the battery as on some it is only a 4 cell and WILL
last less than an hour from a full charge. A 6 cell is about $100.

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