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Okay, I had a problem with my laptop that neither my Dad nor my computer
savvy friends have been able to figure out.

I have an Acer laptop that I love.  I can't remember what exact type (I
can look at it once I get home) but when I go from my apartment to class
(I'm in college)  I always close the lid - thus hibernating it - and
turn it back on once I get to class.

This has never been a problem before.  But in one class, I open the
laptop, press the power button, it begins to turn on.  Then suddenly it
lets out this LOUD shrill siren sound over and over.  I panic and quick
shut the computer.  It continued for about 15 seconds and finally
stopped.  The entire class (about 100 people) could hear it.  It hasn't
happened since but I'm petrified it will.

The only "odd" thing was that I had a camera turned on and sitting next
to the computer when I hit the power button but I don't think that would
affect it...aside from that it works fine.  Any ideas what happened and
how I can prevent it??  The battery was full, nothing was plugged into
it, etc.  :(  Help!!

Re: Acer Alarm

Okay, in case it helps, it is an Aspire 5720Z.  Thanks.  :)

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