Acer 5610 Problems...

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Hi all,

Last feb I decided to get a laptop to make my life a little more easier. I
settled on the Acer 5610. Big mistake. After a while the built-in webcam
stopped working (the Orbicam). Then after a little more time I stared to get
the warning messages in the tray about "device not recognised" which was
coming and going. Then its started give warnings about the USB root hub not
Its crashed so many times due to "lv123av.sys" (orbicam driver I believe)
and usbhub.sys. Its even crashed while running scandisk on the boot from a
previous crash. I've ben through all the hoops and jumps about downloading
drivers, etc uninstalling current drivers - all to no avail. When this first
happened, I used the recovery discs that the laptop encourages you to make
when you first use the machine. Guess what? They didnt work. Typical Acer.
Even though I've hit alt-F10 to reinstall the system the two drivers still
cause crashes. Anyway, Its due to be sent for warranty repair on tuesday but
I was wondering if anyone can give some advice before then please? (apart
from "don't buy acer").

Thanks in advance.


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