Acer 340T

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I have a boot problem with an Acer 340T notebook.  I bought the machine
used, knowing that it would not boot.  The previous owner interrupted a
BIOS flash process and believed that the BIOS would indeed need to be
replaced.  I sent this machine out for service to a reputable
technician, he concurred, and (long story short) the BIOS was replaced
and flashed with the utility for this model from Acer's website.

When the laptop was returned I got several good boots out of it, but
slowly and surely it began to hang again, just like the original
symptom:  Power it up, HD LED activity for approximately 1-2 seconds,
the nothing.  There are a few other things I can safely rule out:

I've replaced the CMOS battery.  The original one was low, but the
replacement yielded no change.  I've swapped the RAM around and
verified that it's correct for this model.  I also successfully flashed
the BIOS again with the same utility from Acer's website.  When I
bought this machine it had a 30 GB hard drive in it, and the technician
installed a 60 GB drive.  I'm wondering now (since this model
originally shipped with a 6 GB drive) if larger hard drives could be
causing this problem.

Also, does anyone know if there is any kind of recovery sequence, some
way to jumpstart this machine so I boot from a floppy?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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