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RE: Acer 3003WLMI

Does anyone have any experience of this notebook?

I would be interested in any comments regarding it.


Re: Acer 3003WLMI

On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 14:35:00 +0000, nospam wrote:

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Do a search on Google for "Acer Aspire 3003WLMi reviews".  You will find a
lot of sites which cover this laptop.  As you read over the reviews on
each site, try to notice common pros and cons of the laptop.  After a
while, you should have a good overall impression of how the laptop will
fair and what problems you may have with it.

I have not used the laptop you noted specifically, but I have recently
purchased an Acer Aspire 3002LCi laptop.  My laptop is the little brother
of the one you noted (i.e. slower AMD processor, smaller hard drive
capacity, CDRW/DVD combo drive instead of DVD burner, etc..).  I like my
laptop overall, except for the short battery life & the very sensitive
touchpad. These were things noted on nearly all reviews of my laptop. When
you read the reviews for our model laptop, you should see similar results.

Once you know what the common pros and cons are for the laptop, you will
need to weight weather that model laptop will fit your overall needs &
weather you can live with the cons of that laptop.

Anyway, I hope this helps...

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

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Yes, thanks.

Are you only getting about an hour out of your laptop?

I see you can buy 6 or 8 cell replacement batteries for acer laptops.
Theses might last longer but they are nearly 100, adds a bit to the
price of the laptop overall though!

I assume the battery just unplugs, the battery in my dell is screwed in,
but I assume I can get it out if I need to.

Can't the touchpad sensitivity not be adjusted in control panel, it can
on my dell.

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 18:04:58 +0000, nospam wrote:

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Yes, with the stock battery, my laptop gets between 60 & 90 minuets of
battery life.  My specific laptop's batter life tends to be more towards
the 60 minute mark, since I have everything on/enabled, use USB devices
when mobile and always leave the CPU at full speed.

If everything was turned off, no USB devices connected and if the CPU is
scaled down [aka - power saving mode], it pretty much halfs the CPU speed
& I can get just shy of 90 minutes batter life.

With what I do & where I go with my laptop, I'm generally near an outlet
to plug-in, so that battery life issue was not a problem for me.

In my laptop research, I've read that a lot of newer Acer laptop models
tended to have this same estimated battery life with the stock battery.

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There are longer life batteries sold to replace stock Acer batteries.
However it appears that most of them are made/sold only by 3rd parties.

I've read (but cannot directly confirm or deny) that these 3rd party long
life batteries will add about 1 pound or a little more to the laptops
overall weight. I've also read that some of these batteries can get you as
much as 4 hours per charge, at the expense of the extra weight (noted
above) and expense (some can be quite expensive).  I would however assume
this estimate would be with all power saving features enabled.

In a few Acer Aspire laptop reviews, I've read that some 3rd party
batteries may cause some weird laptop instability issues, due to the poor
quality of some 3rd party batteries.  Not sure if this applies to all Acer
Aspire laptops, but I would tend to believe so.

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Yes, on all new Acer laptops that I've seen, they all appear to have
little latches on the bottom of the case, which locks the battery in
place.  To remove the battery, you simply slide/hold both latches & slide
the battery out.  This is the way my battery is added/removed.

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Yes, for sensitively of the mouse pointer at the software level.  However
I'm talking about the hardware itself.  The touchpad's surface itself is
very sensitive.  I've noticed that my touchpad is super sensitive, despite
setting the software's mouse sensitively to its lowest setting.

For example, vibrations caused while typing too fast/hard can cause the
mouse pointer to jump, because the vibrations are being picked up by the
touchpad's hardware.  Also if your typing and accidentally graze the
surface of the touchpad (even if it was very lightly where you barely
noticed it) with the side of your finger/thumb, the mouse will move.  How
much will move will be based on your software mouse sensitively setting,
but your mouse will move none the less.  After a few weeks of typing, you
get the hang of how to hold your hands and how to type, as to not cause
this issue.

I hope this helps...


P.S. - I was just informed by my brother, Micheal, that he purchased some
Acer Aspire 3003 laptop model (he wasn't specific on the model number) &
has used for a few days now.  According to him, his laptop model has the
same specs as my Acer Aspire 3002LCi laptop. Further, he indicated that he
has the same 60-90 minute battery life conditions and touchpad sensitively
issues that mine does. (On a side note, he uses the default Windows XP
Home OS & I installed Fedora Core 4 Linux on mine.) Don't know if that
helps much, but it least it seams those issues are not OS specific & tend
to match that of other people's reviews.

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

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Thanks for the information it has been very helpful.

In some reviews I have read it is claimed that the bottom of the 3003
gets very hot, hot enough to burn your legs if you have it on your lap.

Also they claim that WiFi connections can be very unstable, it has been
suggested that as this happens after the laptop has been on for a while
it may be linked to the heat.

I have found it difficult to get info from Acer, I have emailed them but
they still can't tell me if the WiFi in the 3003 will support WPA-PSK.

So I am having second thoughts about Acer, though generally they do look
good. But at a budget price compromises have to be made.

They do say the crystal bright display is very good.

I have also been looking as a Sony FS315E, that has a new type display
and is only a little more expensive.

My research go on....

thanks for your input it was most helpful.

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 16:02:20 +0000, nospam wrote:

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I've read the same thing about my laptop.  But in all honestly, it gets a
little warm, but never burn your legs hot.  There are a few vents on the
laptop.  As long as the main vent on the bottom and the one on the right
side are not covered, the fan properly vents the heat & things stay pretty
cool overall.

I've never found venting the laptop a problem, but take my comment with a
grain of salt; as I'm mostly using it at places with tables, desks , or
other flat surfaces where I can set down the laptop while I need to work.

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I use the built in WiFi all the time & have not had any issues with WiFi
instability.  The laptop can be in use for 6 to 8 hours straight, and even
still no WiFi problems.

As long as you have a decent signal from the access point, things should
be ok.

My WiFi's stability may be due to running Linux, instead of Windows, but
I'm not going to install windows to find out... ;-)

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I've not had to deal with Acer for support yet, so I cannot comment there.

As to what types security that built-in WiFi supports, I know my model can
support WEP & WPA, so yours would as well.  I'm not sure of WPA-PSK

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Yeah, some of the models get expensive.  I opted for the cheap version, as
I didn't need all those extra bells & whistles.  What you need to do is
balance your needs with your laptop budget, then pick the best laptop you
can find which has the features you like/need & fits within your budget.
That is what I did, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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The LCD on my laptop is good, not great, but more then bright/clear enough
for what I need it for.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
a new type display and is only a little more expensive.

I avoided Sony laptops simply because they were more expensive then I was
prepared to spend.  If I had the money for a sweet laptop, I would
defiantly go Sony Vaio.  I love those laptops - we use them at work and
they are sweet.

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Good Luck...

Any time...

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

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Thanks for the reply, most helpful.

I can't help wonder if the chap with the hot laptop had a faulty fan or
if he was blocking the vent holes thus causing it to get hot.

I will mostly be using it on a table top near a power output so battery
life is not an issue for me either.

I see sell the acer 3003wlmi for 499
not a bad price.

The Sony Vaio FS315E is approx. 650

so quite a big difference.

I have compared the two and some interesting facts have emerged.

Acer 3003wlmi
Sempron 3000+ (running at 1.8GHz) has 256 KB L2 Cache, FSB 1.6 GHz
Video shares 64MB of RAM
Claimed Battery Life approx. 45 minutes

Sony Vaio FS315E
Celeron M  380 1.6GHz, 1024 KB L2 Cache, FSB 400MHz
Video shares 128MB of RAM
Claimed Battery Life approx. 175 minutes

So the Acer has a quarter of the L2 cache but runs at 4 times the speed.
Difficult to say which will be faster.

BOTH come:
with 512 MB RAM both expandable to 2048 MB,

1280 x 800 bright displays, Sony's is called X-Black and Acer's is
Crystal Bright, the same technology as far as I can make out.

The Sony has a firewire port the Acer doesn't - I can connect my Sony
digital video to it - currently using my desktop so a useful feature but
not essential.

The Acer has a PCIM II slot the Sony doesn't.
The only things in my current Dell pentium one 200MHz MMX laptop is a
modem and an ethernet card. Both of these are built into both of the
above laptops.

And most add-ons theses days are USB compatible so the firewire is a
nice extra.

Just got to weigh up the extra 150.

Boy, do I love shopping for hardware.

Thanks for the info.

Re: Acer 3003WLMI

my laptop get very hot if i'm doing something CPU intensive, such as
extracting a big archive or playing a game and turns off alot

anyone know how i solve it?

p.s i can connect to WSA-PSK routers

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you can increase the amount of video shared in the bios, but its
recommended that you get more ram before you do.

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