Acer 3002 and DVI

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I have one of these laptops and a CTX LCD screen. I recently acquired the
Acer eZDock docking station which has, AOT, a DVI port. However, when I try
to connect my Acer to the LSD screen via a DVI cable, nothing happens. I
also have an Acer LCD screen with dual imput. I can't drive this either.
When I checked with Acer UK, they said send the units back to them. They
have, they say, replaced the mother board in the laptop and the certainly
replaced the docking station with a completely new one. Didn't make any
difference - it still won't drive the screen digitally.

It seems to me to be unlikely that the particular units were faulty and that
the repair/replacements are too. I feel it is more probable that there is a
configuration problem or that this particular combination of kit doesn't
actually work together. Anybody had any experience of this or a similar
problem? Were you able to solve it? And does it matter much anyway? Is there
a visible difference in quality between the two?

Mysteriously, the laptop detects when a digital device is present and the
graphics option change when it is. Selecting the digital device for output
simply gets me a blank screen which promptly powers down.

Any thoughts anyone?


Re: Acer 3002 and DVI

For starters, DVI monitors MUST be connected and must have power before
the computer to which they are connected is turned on.  You can't plug a
DVI monitor into a comptuer that is already on.  It doesn't work.  This
is a general rule that applies to substantially all DVI monitors.  [in
addition to the video signal, the DVI cable includes a "DDC" or display
data channel, over which the monitor and computer "talk" to each other
bidirectionally.  This communication normally is a prerequisite for both
the monitor and the computer, and it only occurs at startup]

Also, there probably is a configuration issue, by default most laptops
only enable the internal LCD screen.

Paul wrote:

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Re: Acer 3002 and DVI

Yeh - I thought there probably was a correct sequence. However, I have tried
every sequence I could think of but could only get it to work once.

If you start the laptop up with no external video device attached, it
automatically reverts to driving the internal screen only. Does what you're
saying about the default configuration mean that I can't ever get it to
drive a DVI monitor as it only allows the configuration of the digital
device whilst one is actually attached?


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