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Re: accuracy input voltage for laptop wrote:
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What brings me to this remark is your use of the words "I assume..."
and "in my opinion...".  If you're gonna go with your opinion,
why bother to ask the question?  It tickles me when someone asks
my opinion then tells me I'm wrong because that's not what they think.

You've stated no specific knowledge.  You have conjecture extrapolated
from whoknowswhere.  And your question is so vague
that it can't possibly be answered without making numerous assumptions
about your situation.

Let me give you an example of my first laptop.  Had a 17.5V power supply.
I wanted a second one, so I found a 17.5v supply and plugged it in.
Life was good...for a couple of hours.  I heard a sizzling noise
that I traced to the laptop.  I grabbed it, raced outside, pulled out
the battery and set it on the driveway.  It exploded.
The insides of one cell went missing.  I never did find the cell.
All I got was some hot electrolyte on my face.  If I hadn't been wearing
glasses, it could have been a disaster.

Turns out the engineering geniuses used the current limit in the AC
adapter to control the battery charge current. I'd used an adapter with
the correct voltage, but much higher current limit.  With a reasonable
laptop design, this should have been no problem.  My assumption of a
reasonable design was WRONG!

Could that happen with today's designs?  Probably not.  Could it have
happened with yesterday's designs?  Probably not...yet it did.

On a good day, you can expect that a design works as designed.  When
you go changing any part of that design without understanding,
EXACTLY, the WHOLE design, you're asking for trouble.  Products get
tested for safety and reliability as designed.  They do not get tested
with arbitrary changes made by the user.

So, 98 out of a hundred laptops may not have a problem...but how
do you know that you don't have number 99?  You DON'T.
And I'm not really concerned with whether your laptop blows up.
I'm more concerned with the poor newbie five years from now
who does a google search,
finds bad advice and blows up HIS laptop.
The world is not perfect, engineers screw up, bean counders make
bad decisions.  Laptops are expensive.  Eyesight is even more

Ask a question about a specific make/model laptop and you might get
a useful response.  If you expect to get an answer that applies to
your specific situation without disclosing it; or you take the advice
of others based on what must be THEIR assumptions about YOUR situation,
you're...let's use the word, "optimistic".

The answer to your question as asked is, "use the correct adapter."

Call me pessimistic, but one exploded battery is my limit.

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Most will.  The odds are in your favor.  But that's not what you asked.
Just cause someone got away with it does not make it a good idea.
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