AC power not detected

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My laptop boots smoothly on both ac and battery mode. But after few
seconds as the Power sign appears on the task bar it swithces back to
battery mode and does not detect ac power at all and shuts down if i
remove the battery.Please help.

Re: AC power not detected

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Well the best way to check this is with a cheap digital voltmeter while
the AC adapter is still plugged into the laptop (but that is hard to
do). As it sounds like the AC adapter quits (it is shutting down) under
normal load. Or could be the circuits in the laptop too (which is very
costly to replace the motherboard).

This might work though and won't cost you a cent. As the AC adapter is
trying to charge the battery and run the laptop too. What might work is
just pulling the battery out and now it only has to run just the laptop.

Does it still charge the battery with the laptop off on AC? If the
battery is getting old, they draw more power from the AC adapter. And
the AC adapter might be ok, just the battery is shot. You can tell this
if a fully charged battery will run very short on battery power, like 15
minutes or less.

If you hardly ever run it on battery anyway, it is better just to leave
it out. As only charging the battery about twice a year is better for
the battery than always plugged in. If you are worried about power loss,
get a cheap UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Cheapies are under 50


Re: AC power not detected

Sounds like a bad connector for the external charger/adapter. wrote:
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