AC Power Adapter type cannot be determined

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Deal All,

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m notebook bought in 2004 which has BOIS
version A14.

When I was working, my daughter ran through the AC adapter cable,
apparently DC power jack was broken and all the pins are dis aligned.

If I connect the AC power adapter to notebook dc jack, it was saying
the invalid adapter and will run on battery only.

So I bought a new Docking Station from ebay (DELL D/Port Advanced Port
Replicator  PR01X) with 90Watt PA10 adapter (which is correct one,
DELL suggests on their website),

But unfortunately when I connect this to notebook, after initial boot
screen and immediately after showing the windows splash screen I get
the below error message

"Your system is docked but the AC Power Adapter type cannot be
Either undock or insert an appropriate adapter.
Strike the F1 key to shutdown"

I have done following things:

1) I have upgraded the BIOS from A14 to A17 which is downloaded from
DELL site

    Same error

2) I have connected same Docking station to my friends Dell inspiron
600m same as me

    It worked, no problem

3) I have removed my battery from my notebook and connected to Docking

    Same error.

My question is if Docking Station adapter is not good, how it is
powering up in the first place??

Is there any BIOS settings flag that I needed to turn on/off???

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks - Srini.

Re: AC Power Adapter type cannot be determined

I am facing same issue and was wondering if you found any fix for this

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