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I have several ac adapters left over that fit my last laptop. My new
laptop has the same output voltage/power spec but a different tip on
the end of the cord.

Has anyone seen sell am extension cable with a choice of receptacles
and tips, that would allow the conversion?

Radioshack sells various power supplies with a choice of tips. but I
don't want to buy more power supplies. I'm not sure any of them are
right for laptops anyway.

Re: AC adapter tip converter

     It sounds like you are looking for the following product:

Kensington Travel Plug Adapter Power Adapter - found here:

Hope this helps,
Silicon Alley Computers

Re: AC adapter tip converter

Silicon Alley Computers wrote:
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No actually thats the wrong end. That adapter lets you plug the "wall"
side of the A/C adapter into various countries sockets.

I'm ok on the wall side (standard 110V, US), its the "tip" that
actually goes into the laptop  thats the problem. The extra AC adapters
I have a slighly different tip, meant for a slightly different jack on
the other laptop. As it happens the output specs are the same, so I
just need to convert the tip.

Re: AC adapter tip converter

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You can cut off the existing tip, leaving as much of the power line as
you need; cut off the new, incompatible tip, and solder the existing tip
and the new adapter together.  You'll need a voltmeter (VOM) to
determine which line on the existing tip is connected to the center tap
and which line on the new adapter cable is positive so that the two can
be matched. (You need to verify that the center tap is positive on the
existing AC adapter to verify my guess that center is positive.  Look on
the bottom of the transformer brick, it usually states the polarity of
the center tap.) It takes about 15 minutes, with 10 of those for heating
the soldering iron.


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