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My Toshiba A45 froze when I tried to delete an innocuous item from My
Documents.  I had to shut off the power, and now XP will come up only
in Safe Mode.  Even in Safe Mode, it now runs unbelievably slowly,
which was never before a problem.  System Restore won't come up, which
also was never before a problem.

Any thoughts short of reformatting would be most welcome.

Bob Feduniak

Re: A45 freeze

robertfedun...@msn.com wrote:
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I just happened to run across two Toshiba laptop reviews on
bottomdollar.com.  The first, for a Toshiba Satellite R15-S822 Tablet
PC, said (edited) that that the screen was flashing, they talked to
Toshiba tech support, were put on hold for almost 1/2 hour, and were
told to reboot, reset, reinstall all software after formating the
harddrive, etc... same problem...They sent it back to Toshiba, they
send it back, and it wasn't fixed.  They returned it and exchanged it
for an HP.  This one review could have been a fluke, but I would be
more concerned about the next one I read, for a TOSHIBA A75-S2292 the
person had had for six months:  "Weaknesses: Random freezeup--Beware!
Summary: This has been a great first laptop experience in many ways.
But in the past two months, a sporadic problem with random freezeups
where the only resolve is to powerdown and reboot. It began to happen
more frequently and a search at the Toshiba website confirms this is a
significant problem and someone on a related Satellite A75 usergroup
posted a law firm name that is investigating a class-action suit
related to this issue. The biggest slap is that Toshiba's website
admits knowledge of a problem and directs customers to an ASP, but they
won't say what the problem is.....most have concluded it's a problem
with static. So now we need to get laptop fixed and hope that cures the
problem. This is our first and last Toshiba laptop."
I also noticed that Toshiba laptops'repair history was downgraded by
Consumer Reports to a half-black worse rating, from an average rating
last couple of years.  On top of that I heard that there are a lot of
refurbished Toshibas on the market (I noticed Costco is selling them,
for ex.)  If you do some research on this and find any additional info,
I'd appreciate it if you would write another note on this thread.  I am
still considering buying a Toshiba, but want to know more first -- do
the problems only apply to certain models or certain types of
Thanks & Good Luck,

Re: A45 freeze

Date: 5 May 2005 03:09:17 -0700

      ... I am still considering buying a Toshiba, but want to know
     more first -- do the problems only apply to certain models or
     certain types of processors?

Hi Susan... Well I own three Toshiba laptops. One is a T1950CS
486DX40 from '94. It ran for about 6 or 7 years and the power
regulator gave up! Which is a known problem with these models. They
didn't sport any fans and the heat will finally do them in. But any
laptop lasting over 5 years isn't doing too bad anyway.

I do still have two older laptops. One is an Epson ('84 era) and a
Sharp PC-4501 ('89 era) which are doing fine, aside they both need
new batteries.

The other two Toshiba laptops are the 2595XDVD models ('99 era).
They are a bit slow for today's needs, but they still function just
fine. I purchased both of them used from eBay when they were about 2
years old then. Only one of them the DVD drive won't read DVD discs,
but will read CDs just fine. It was this way when I purchased it
from eBay.

Any newer Toshibas... well I don't have any personal experience. But
I don't like the things that I am hearing about them in the last few
years. Maybe these 2595XDVD and some others around the same time was
the most reliable laptops they had ever made. And if I ever purchase
another laptop, it just may not be a Toshiba if the comments I have
heard don't get any better.


Bill (using a Toshiba 2595XDVD & Windows 98SE)
-- written and edited within WordStar 5.0

Re: A45 freeze

BillW50 wrote:
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As I understand, Toshiba no longer manufactures their laptops except for
certain models destined for the Japanese market, as of mid 2004.   They
now outsource just like every other vendor, but have no experience at
it.  The old days of the super-reliable Toshiba laptop are over.
Newsgroups are full of problems with Toshibas - something that was
uncommon (except for putting a new OS on that old but still operating
clunker) until just a year or so ago.  Check www.notebookforums.com for
additional.  IIRC, the Qosmio - their laptop that looks like a docked
aircraft carrier - was recalled early in its life for mainboard


Re: A45 freeze

RE: " They now outsource just like every other vendor, but have no
experience at it."

Toshiba has been outsourcing the design and production of many models of
laptops for a decade.  In the past, they outsourced the low end while
still doing the high-end models internally.  That may have come to an
end, and I won't even quarrel with your conclusion as to the effect on
quality, but it's simply not correct to say that they "have no
experience" at outsourcing.

Quaoar wrote:
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Re: A45 freeze

Thanks for the info Quaoar and Barry. This is all very interesting.
And it does seem like they are not making long lasting laptops like
they once did. My Epson '84 era and my Sharp '89 era are still
working just fine (nothing ever done to them either). It's kind of
hard to believe that modern laptop computers can last 20 some years!


Bill (using a Toshiba 2595XDVD under Windows 2000)
-- written and edited within WordStar 5.0

Re: A45 freeze

Try searching in this group (upper right) for "Toshiba laptop problem",
and possibly add "froze" or "freezes" or "crashes".  I found lots of
posts on Toshiba laptop problems.
Good Luck!

Re: A45 freeze

You may have a heat exchanger (radiator) and cooling fan in the liquid
filled "heat pipe" that is clogged with dust and that needs to be
cleaned.  I've seen this quite a bit in this model.  It can cause severe
overheating resulting in crashes and lockups.

robertfeduniak@msn.com wrote:
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