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hi iwhich one is better w98xp or wme for a laptop and can someone
explain to me how a laptop works thanks

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Re: a question

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Re: a question

There is no such thing as 98XP.

I'd choose 98SE over ME.  ME is later, but is less stable.

A laptop works the same way as a desktop.

Amanda Dempsey wrote:
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Re: a question


My choice would be Windows Me, it is after Win 98 and before WinXP
Win 98 SE (second Edition ) does not have Go Back or System restore.
Which Windows Mill or Me Does
And I found it Fantastic when things go wrong,
Just go back to last week on start up and problem solved.
Win Me is no slower or faster than Win 98 se.
but is a lot faster than Win XP especially on an older or less powerfull

hope all this helps


Re: a question

Yes, Windows ME was after Windows 98, but Windows 98SE is the best
choice of 98, 98SE and ME.  98SE is more stable than ME and has all of
the things that count (in particular WDM model driver support, which 98
1st edition lacks).  Even Microsoft recognizes and will generally admit
that ME was one of the worst OS' they ever put out.  They make jokes
about it in their seminars for members of their partner program and MCPs.

ME was ***BADDDD***

Eifion wrote:

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