A noise I occasionally here in my laptop....

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I have a dell c610 latitude with a 1.2GHz, 512mb, 30 gig hard, Nic,
and a CDRW.

I also installed WinXP as it had Windows 2000 when I first got it. I
converted it to NTFS as it was Fat 32. I noticed that after I
installed Windows XP the old copy of windows 2000 is loadable at the
login countdown screen as well as winXP. So its now dual boot. I
really don't care about the windows 2000 dual boot issue but it may
part of my problem. Please continue reading...

I recently (last week) purchased this laptop from a refurbisher and
have been most happy with it except for this one little quirk.

Anyways, the quirk is when the machine is running I occassionally here
a beep and what sounds like the hard drive searching for something. I
know what a hard dirve failure sounds like on a 3.5 Hard drive (have
no idea on a 2.5) and it may be this but if it is its a lot quieter
than the 3.5 drives I have heard in the past. I did a CHKDSK /F on the
Drive and it says that it has 16K in Bad sectors. I read the help in
windows on this and it says that these sectors were first defined when
the drive was new. I also ran defrag and it says that this drive does
not need to be defragged.

My questions are this;

1) What is this noise most likely?

2) Is it caused by my dual boot situtation?

3) What can be done to get rid of this noise?

4) The unit is under warrantly from Dell and from the refurbisher for
the next 6 months. Should I send it back now?

5) Is there a utility (preferably free or low cost) that I can run to
correct the drive or at least prove its bad to the refurbisher or
Dell. I am not worried about reinstalling everything as I have very
little on it.

6) How hard is it to swap out a drive in this laptop. I have built
more then my share of desktop machines are they much more difficult?

7) Will these bad sectors (16K) cause me problems in the future?

8) Can I low level this drive and have it mark these bad sectors, then
reformat and reintall windows XP and be good?

Thanks for all your help,

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