A couple of Averatec 3200 faults - help!

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I bought this laptop 7 months ago in Canada, and can't get warranty repair
as I live in Australia.

Just wondering if anyone has any estimates about cost of repair for these
two problems (or if there is anything I can do myself).

1. My DVD/CDRW drive can no longer read DVDs. I gather the laser for the DVD
and CD components are separate - so I guess the laser is busted? Is this a
fix, or would they have to replace the whole drive? The problem started off
with it reading some DVD disks and not others - now it pretty much doesn't
read any.

2. This one's my fault - I spilt some liquid near the laptop last night -
including a few splashes reaching the keyboard. I now can't type uppercase
'T' with the t and Shift key combination - The keyboard doesn't respond at
all to this key combination - not even with a lowercase t). The shift still
works for all other letters, and CAPS LOCK 'T' is working (Hence I can still
type 'T' if I have to). Any suggestions?


(ps. I've had to go through this whole email reinserting the 'T's!

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