A Camoflaged Program Worth Keeping?

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My hard drive is getting full so I was going through folders to see
what I can delete. I came across what I thought was a game called Kung
Fu Chess, but when I clicked on it to see if it was any good up came
some registry cleaning program called Reg Clean Pro. I know I didn't
download *that* as I had always felt some contempt for such registry
programs and I also know I didn't save such a program in the wrong
folder-- at one point I really wanted (or thought I wanted Kung Fu

So now the questions are 1) Should I keep a program that was
pretending to be something else? 2) Is this program safe? and 3) Are
registry cleaning programs worth having and using? I am really
inclined to deleting it in a heartbeat if I don't have a good reason
to keeo it.


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