8 reasons not to buy an Alienware m9700

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Got my m9700 last friday, and sent it back this past friday...

First...a dead pixel on the monitor which couldn't be fixed on site
(Dell can...and did for me in the past...why not Alienware?) They
wanted me to send it back with a 2 week lead time on repair. LMAO.

Second...freezing up at random times while playing games, and also
while shutting down. Only had a successful shutdown 60-70% of the time.

Third...shipped to me without a TV tuner. I thought it was standard,
who knew you had to click XP Media Center edition for the option to
even show up. Right on the main page of the laptop it says "Integrated
TV Tuner". After calling Alienware and talking to a supervisor who
didn't know that it wasn't standard, as well as waiting on the phone
for 15-20mins, he tells me the scoop..."you have to select media center
edition...i didn't know either." Thats good that the supervisors know a
lot about what they're selling.

By the way, his name was Nick and I have most of the conversation
recorded. Once I told him I was recording, he got a lot nicer, and told
me to stop or he would have to disconnect the call...LOL.

Fifth...The subwoofer rattled the crappy plastic. I tried to find a way
to turn it off, but I couldn't via windows nor the BIOS. During racing
games it made a loud HUMMMMMM that sucked so bad it was either
headphones, or disabling the sound altogether.

Sixth...Airgo MIMO adapter had quite good range, but lagged way behind
even my USB Linksys adapter when it came to throughput...maybe they had
MIMO and not 11g in mind???

Seventh...the 15% restocking fee. Quite a fee, but way worth it to
never have to deal with Alienware, they're shoddy support, flimsy
plastic laptops, and a $5000 laptop that freezes up...

Eighth...The alien respawn CD did NOT work whatsoever. After ghosting
the machine following the instructions in the manual, it came to the
windows logon screen saying "windows could not access the registry,
windows is restarting." Hmmm I said, and tried ghosting again, coming
to the same screen...At that point I almost bursted out laughing that a
company could make such a unusable product for such a high price...I
had to install windows from the Windows Reinstallation Disk, and was
left with an operable windows installation, but no drivers or anything.
At that point, I packed her up and shipped her out..."What a crappy
laptop I thought as it rode off into the sunset...Dude, I'm getting a
Dell...What was I thinking!!!"

I would definatly NOT recommend this laptop to anyone, nor would I
recommend any system from Alienware due to the construction, support,
and functionality issues.

The only positive thing about this notebook is the gaming...when it
worked. It looked beautiful. But so does an XBox hooked up to a nice
screen at 1/5th of the cost...

Maybe I got a lemon, or maybe the FedEx guy kicked it out of the truck.
Either way, the support sucked and the laptop didn't work as suggested.
Please contact me directly for any other insight into Alienware's
crappy (IMO) notebooks.


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