64-32 bit futureproofing and performance

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Hello Guys,
I am planning to get  a high end desktop replacement notebooks. I find
that many of these units are using 64 bit system and less of the 32
bit nowadays?
  I am still not sure about the benefits of the 64 bit system vs the
32 bit. As far as I know there are more applications and available
drivers  in the 32 bit category than in the 64=92b. So I would like to
ask if the latter is the better investment than the former in terms of
future proofing where I don=92t have to upgrade much with each
succeeding generation of  hardware improvements.
 I am planning to get a unit which can accommodate 8 gigs of RAM and
preferably a quad core.
Currently most of my needs are satisfied with the 32 bit system but
there are applications that feel are becoming  inefficient such as
AutoCAD encoding  videos/video editing , and some high end games=85. And
thinking that the 64 bit option would the job much better=85. any ideas?

I know Some  people would rather suggest high end desktop as it much
cheaper but I am a person that hates being tied to a desk and I want
to carry my unit no matter how heavy whenever I go and I had been
doing that with my aging unit.

One example of such high end unit  that caught my fancy is the dual
screen Lenovo W700ts   (although  my aversion for their trademark
nipple as well as their poor form factor  is restricting  me from
getting it) , but the impressive hardware specs   and legendary
durability ?( as claimed by other colleagues )made me think  more
about it.. Anyway But I am still shopping around for units from
I had been basing my penchant for high end units   with past
experience buying  simultaneously high performance desktop replacement
laptops and ordinary notebook which to my chagrin the latter become
obsolete  rapidly( it so slow for my needs)  and don=92t even last long
usefulness( it just broke down after a year of use!).
 I don=92t really mind about the cost as long as it has enduring
durability and usefulness  for me for years to come.
Will the high end 64 bit option be the best choice?
How about the normal office applications , are they not affected by
this 32-64 bit issues? Are there any incompatibilities supposing you
are simultaneously running  32 bit and 64 bit application from a 64
bit  laptop?
  I would like to hear valued opinions from experts here=85


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