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I'm looking for a laptop with a 15" (or max. 17") screen, but with 4
GB of ram.
I can only find the HP with 4GB but this one has a ridiculous 20" (!)
screen. I wonder how long you can work on a battery in this case.. one
hour at the most i  suppose!

The question is:  will Vista 32bit work with 4 GB of ram? Or is a 64-
bit OS a requirement?

In case you're wondering:  i'm working with Photoshop and Lightroom
with a very large library of RAW files and together with Vista, 2GB
just isn't enough anymore.

Hope you guys can give me some advice or feedback on this.

thanks in advance!


You do not want 4GB for Vista 32-bit.  Vista 32-bit can't support it.
The limit is about 3GB, but you have a different problem in a laptop
.... there are only two memory slots (in most laptops) and if you put in
2GB and 1GB, you lose dual channel memory, which can kill performance.
The only rational choices are 2GB or going to Vista (or for that matter
XP) 64-bit.  However, that would require a 64-bit version of Photoshop &
lightroom, and would pose a lot of issues with respect to other software.

kris.vandevijver@gmail.com wrote:
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wat exactly do u mean by loosing dual channel memory, barry ?

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Dual channel memory interleaves pairs of architecturally identical
modules to approximately double the memory speed for most memory
accesses.  The details are too complex to explain in a quick newsgroup
post, but in a system with two memory slots, if you install one 1GB
module and one 2GB module, you will kill the ability to run in dual
channel mode, which may have a significant adverse impact on the
performance of the system.  Even two modules of the same size may not
work unless they are architecturally identical.

vinu.home@gmail.com wrote:
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Barry Watzman wrote:
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Under Linux, I get 3631056 allocatable RAM on a newish D630 laptop
running 32 bit linux.

So, there is about 10% waste.  I guess I could spend some time figuring
out the 64 bit scene, but it's not worth it for me.

But since there are 2x 2GB sticks, I assume the slowdown you're
describing does not occur.

I do think the extra 1.6 GB is noticeable vs. a 2GB T60p that I have,
but only when running VMWare.  However, I really like having no
incentive to shut VMWare guests down (even to run other memory-intensive
apps or VMs), because booting it up or even resuming from a snapshot
takes quite a while.

I rely on suspend to RAM a lot; rebooting is practically a catastrophe
given how long it takes to load 3.5 GB of file cache back into RAM.

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