32 or 64?

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I hope to get some adivce from You. Considering getting laptop either now or
early next year. With Widows 64 and new 64 chips I am not sure if I should
stay with 32 bit ( I can get great deal on new Dell now) or go with 64 AMD.
Mostly I am doing MS Office, Web, Front Page, some picture editing. Now, can
someone tell me what advantage can I expect from 64 bit programs? will they
run faster, have better graphic? Also comparing same configuration as far as
RAM and video goes, which will be running faster present 32 bit
programs-Dell Pentium 1.73 M or HP AMD Turion 1.8? Also is there any reason
why HP doesn,t offer Windows MC with AMD?
Thank You for any advice

Re: 32 or 64?

64 is faster processing but there are very few programs that are written in
64 bit.
the OS uses a lot of ram, it is backwardly compatible with 32 bit programs.

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Re: 32 or 64?

PoLKo wrote:

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In practical terms, XP64 seems noticeably quicker than XP32 on my laptop,
but that might be due to accumulated kruft in the XP32 install.

Downside is support for peripheral devices--no driver for my Panasonic laser
and never will be, no drivers for my brand new HP scanner but HP says "real
soon now", the driver for my photo printer is limited compared to the

So far I have found no compelling reason to use 64 bit Windows.

Haven't done a side by side between the Turion and the Pentium M so can't

There only seems to be one HP notebook with MCE--probably testing the
waters.  IMO unless the machine is going to be part of a home entertainment
system MCE doesn't bring much to the party.

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Re: 32 or 64?

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 06:06:15 +0000, PoLKo wrote:

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Using an AMD Athon64 3200+ CPU in my desktop for 1.5 year now, and trying
both Windows (32 & 64 bit) & Fedora Core Linux (32 & 64 bit), I can tell
you what I found, from my own experiences.

The following assumes you are comparing a 32 bit & 64 bit CPU of the same

With the Windows OS & apps you noted, you will not see any noticeable
difference - since all the apps are pretty much all 32 bit programs.  In
order to tap into the power of a 64 bit CPU, your OS & all of your apps
must be compiled for the 64 bit CPU.

In the 64 bit version of windows, when you run a 32 bit compiled program,
windows would need to emulate the 32 bit environment.  Even though you
would normally have more memory registers & possibly a faster bus speed
with the 64 bit CPU, the 32 bit emulation would cancel out most of the
advantages of the 64 bit hardware's speed increase on your system.

Overall a speed increase of a 64 bit CPU could be upwards of about 30%,
when compared to that of a 32 bit CPU of the same speed.

From my experiences with my desktop's Athon64 CPU, a speed
increase of about 10% to 15% was noticed when running this 64 bit CPU,
with a 32 bit Linux OS & 32 bit software.  A 15% to 30% approximate
increase was seen when running this CPU in full 64 bit mode.  This means
using the 64 version of the same Linux OS & the same exact software which
was compiled for 64 bit.

With windows, the same basic results were found.  However each test
resulted with a few percentage points lower, due to the normal windows
bloat and eye-candy (when compared to that of the Linux desktop). Also
testing under windows was limited, due to the lack of software compiled
for 64 bit.

I would say go with a faster 32 bit mobile CPU & more RAM, then paying the
extra money for a 64 bit CPU.  The 32 bit processor will be sufficient for
your everyday needs.  The 32 bit mobile processors should also run a
little cooler, and should give you a little better battery life, which is
important to selecting a good laptop.

This is my view of things, and my finding are that of my own testing using
my 64 bit desktop.  Take everything I stated with a grain of salt, and do
your own homework to see if a 64 bit laptop is really what you need & is

In my humble opinion, unless you are a Linux power user (like myself), I
see no reason you should go with a 64 bit laptop -- as you will not gain a
marginal performance increase at best by going 64 bit, when the rest of
the world is still pretty much still operating and writing apps for a 32
bit environment.

I hope this helps...

Re: 32 or 64?

Thank You all for reply. My biggest concern is not to end up with obsolete
laptop in couple of years, when everything maybe only 64 bit. I am not
planning on bying new machine in less then 6-7 years, so I was thinking then
buying 64 bit will have more future. Then again, don,t know what else I can
expect from 64 bit apps have which  I don,t have already - 3 D view, super
sound and look? Still have few days to decide, so all Your input counts...
thank You again
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Re: 32 or 64?

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 20:02:57 +0000, PoLKo wrote:

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Honestly I would not worry about 32 bit obsolesce at all, as 32 bit
applications will be around for a long time to come.  Just look at how
many computers are still running windows 98, ME & 2000.  Heck, I still
find some of our clients are using Windows 95 or are just upgrading to
Windows 98.

Microsoft isn't going to instantly dump all 32 bit CPU support and force
users to purchase all new hardware & software.  Only select programs are
slowly being ported to a 64 version, while still maintaining 32 versions.
The same goes for all software companies & hardware manufactures.  They
all would love to do such a switch, so you have to buy everything new
again, but the public would never hear of it.

32 bit CPU support in Windows, 32 bit compliant hardware, & 32 bit
applications will defiantly be around for the next several years.

If you select a laptop that is able to run Windows XP well, and has the
ability to support a decent amount of RAM, then you will be fine for at
least 6 to 7 years.

If you look at the PC market, you will see that Dell and every other PC
supplier are not dropping Windows XP (32 bit versions), 32 bit
applications or 32 bit hardware.  The world is not ready for a 100% 64 bit
switch use for at least 5+ years.  Too much has to happen across the
entire PC industry before that shift will happen.  Granted, the switch is
happening, but its a very slow progression.  Maybe several years from now
it will be ready for such a switch, but not today or any time soon...

I myself was in the same boat as you just last month.  And I have just
purchased a new laptop, as my needs finally got to the point that I needed
to do certain types of work away from home/work, and using a Linux Live CD
on someone else's PC was not cutting it any more or wasn't possible under
certain conditions.

For myself, I selected the Acer Aspire 3002LCi, and added a gig of RAM to
it.  To me I wanted a laptop to run Linux on that will let me do what I
needed to.  It ran windows well enough, but I hate windows and all of its
bloat & added hidden expenses.  Anyway it is a cheap, 32 bit CPU'ed, $400
laptop (after rebates, not including the RAM upgrade). It should last at
least 5 years. But even if it only lasts 2 or 3 years, I've would have
made my money's worth.  With the rate PC & laptop prices keep falling, I
can just replace it with a brand new one when it cannot be used any
longer.  And the new laptop would have the specs to run the next new
Windows OS (whatever that may be named).  You may want to look at it in
the same context.

For you and your noted needs, if you really feel that in 6 years that 32
bit CPUs/software/hardware will no longer be supported, then go
and buy yourself a 64 bit laptop.  However, I'm not falling for that hype.
For my type of work, a 64 bit CPU, a 64 bit OS and software is a great
match for what I do.  However in a small business or home environment,
64 bit is not necessary.  By the time it is, you will be ready for your
next laptop anyway.

I hope this helps...

Re: 32 or 64?

Thank a lot James for helping me inmy decision. I guess I overreacted with
this 64 bit thing. As You said, I don,t expect either that all 32 bit apps
will disapear, but is nice to hear that somone agrees with me. Also if 64
bit will run hot and expensive I probably couldn,t afford it at this time
Once again thank You for help..
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Re: 32 or 64?

I too have purchased an Acer 3002cli and am considering upgrading to
Turion.  Everything in the 3002 seems identical to the Turion  based
5002, ie. chipset, drivers and bios.  The mobile Sempron draws 25 watts
as does the MT series Turion and the Turion may have some advantage in
terms of power savings.  AMD charts also show lower power usage at same
clock speed as you move from MT30 up to MT40.
Any thoughts as such an upgrade might be another way to prolong the
useful life of a lowcost laptop.
PoLKo wrote:
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