3 Montiors on Laptop (2 External, 1 Laptop LCD)

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Hi Guys,

I want to know if this is possible without any additional hardware, I
have Dell D620 which has 1 VGA and 1 DVI.

I can at a time run two of the monitors but not all three, in the
display properties of Windows Vista at a time I am only seeing 2
displays (not three) even if I trun all the monitors on.

I can either run Laptop LCD with one external LCD or both external
LCD, at the end only two monitors are running at the same time.

I want to use 3, anybody knows if this has anything to do with a
software configuration or I need an additional hardware (I really dont
want to invest anymore money :) )


Re: 3 Montiors on Laptop (2 External, 1 Laptop LCD)

dll2002dll@yahoo.com writes:

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I don't know about that laptop specifically, but this restriction is
pretty common among graphics cards for desktop systems.  If you look at
midrange or higher-end cards, you'll often see two monitor outputs (VGA
or DVI or a mix) plus a NTSC or PAL video output.  You can pick any two
to use at once, but not three.  The problem is that each video output
signal requires a certain set of hardware resources to generate, and the
chipset has only two copies of some of them (e.g. timing controller,
video lookup tables, DACs, etc).

So there's *likely* nothing you can do to have 3 independent displays on
your laptop, short of adding another graphics system (e.g. a
USB-connected external video system).


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