26 pin zif socket replacement

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I want to fix my mobo's zif for keyboard.Really hope I didn't run into
another dead end forum.Really really hope I don't just get a "mobo
replacement" "you need the right equipment" reply.Besides the obvious
zif socket missing,mobo is perfectly fine.I know I need certain
equipment,can someone tell me what that is?...please!

I know their is a site somewhere that sells zif sockets in bulk,how else
could these pc companies do repairs?I'm still looking around for one.
This one is almost exact
http://www.laptopparts expert.com/i-5087815-keyboard-connector.html

laptopparts expert.com/i-5087815-keyboard-connector.html
Doesn't say # of pins but its in same line model,aspire.Might call &
talk to them to find it.

I can't believe how hard it is to find detailed motherboard repair
guides on the internet.All I find is very simple stuff like
cpu,hdd,mobo,ram,& screen replacement etc,applying thermal,reflow,&
reballing.Yes the last 3 might be hard for most doing it the first
time.The others are pretty straight fwd.
Why is it so hard to find more technical guides?

Sorry pic isn't HD.No dots are touching each other.I got a circut writer
pen to do fill ins.


Re: 26 pin zif socket replacement

It might be worth looking here:

Read the comments for a good range of options. ChipQuick seems  
to be the most popular removal method and although I've never  
tried it I know the stuff is sold in some electronics stores,  
might be a bit pricy though.

As for soldering on the new component, a bit of searching should  
turn up many guides to SMD soldering and plenty of videos on  
YouTube. Of course you'd better have a bit of soldering  
experience and preferably a temperature controlled soldering  
iron before going into something like this.

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