24 vs 32 bit color

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The laptop I am interested in only supports up to 24 bit color at its
highest resolution. Is there any visible difference between 24 and 32
bit color? I know I can see clearly between 16 and 32 bit color as in
16 bit, you will see color banding but how about between 24 and 32 bit?
The laptop will be used mainly for the internet, programming, viewing
pictures and watching DVD.


Re: 24 vs 32 bit color

The answer might be subjective, but I really doubt that you would see a
difference (especially on an LCD screen, which cannot reproduce color
variations as subtle as what a CRT can render).

What I've been told for decades by people who specialize in color
science is that the typical eye can discern about 1 million colors,
which would correspond to 20 bits.  24 bits is 16 million; 32 bits is
number that is beyond meaning for this purpose.

However, someone who works in photography, art or printing or "color
science" may notice things that an average person would not perceive.

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Re: 24 vs 32 bit color

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Barry Watzman wrote:
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***  Good answer. I am a stage lighting designer(*) by trade and I do
notice colour a lot.

   I'd like to add that 32-bit colour would most likely only matter if one
was using a large-size monitor at high pixel resolutions. That is likely
to happen only for graphic designers or photographers using half-metre or
larger monitors at resolutions exceeding 2000 pixels.

         Richard Bonner
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