24" LCD with Thinkpad T43 - possible?

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Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible/advisable to use an external 24"
LCD such as the Dell 2407WFP with my IBM Thinkpad T43 laptop.

The laptop has a 1.86GHz processor, 1GB memory, with an ATI Mobility
Radeon x300 video card with 64mb memory and only an analog video output
(i.e. no DVI output).

The 24" LCD is 1920x1200 with a number of inputs (including analog).

My question is, will they work together? And to what extent . . Anyone
with experience in this?

Is it possible to upgrade the video card in the laptop?



Re: 24" LCD with Thinkpad T43 - possible?

Yes, they will work together.  The real question is how the display will
look.  The laptop may or may not be capable of producing a signal at the
24" display's native resolution.  If not, the monitor will "scale" the
display, but the results of this are never all that good and in some
cases are truly hideous.  But there's no way to answer this question
abstractly, you would just have to try it.  And the results may be
different for different 24" monitors.  [It may be possible to determine
whether the laptop can do the native resolution by contacting Lenovo,
but I would not be terribly optimistic].

henderob wrote:

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Re: 24" LCD with Thinkpad T43 - possible?

Barry Watzman wrote:

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I'd imagine the OP was asking "Will the T43 be capable of driving this
monitor at it's native resolution".  The answer to this would appear to
be "yes":
suggests that it's maximum external resolution is 2048x1536...

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