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I know this may be not the correct forum, but computer experts may
know the answer.  The new HDTV is starting in early 2009.  I have
asked various sources as to whether my old TV's will be able to see
anything at all after the transformation.  I dont use satellite TV
nor Cable TV,  I use a high gain ant for TV freqs and got excellent
sigs from all the local "on the air Stns direct with no problem
I have asked SAMS CLUB and COSTCO the same question and get
different answers from them. They say I will need the new converter
box installation  on my old TV's. Sams club says if I am just taking
the signals on a high gain antenna (off the air) I will still be able
to see the stns (without any high definition) but only if I watch
"on the air"  (not satellite) without the upgrade boxes.
Costco on the other hand says no I wont be able to see nothing on
my old TV's without the converter box.   I told him in that case
they are going to fill the landfill with tens of thousands of old
TV's and/or dump them in the middles of the Pacific ocean.
Who is right Costco or Samsclub?????

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Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

The new HDTV is starting in early 2009.   Sams club says if I am just taking
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The good news is that converter boxes will be cheap and plentiful.
Maybe even free after government subsidies.

Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

curly Bill wrote:
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I thought the FCC would use $$$ from the spectrum auction to give people
free converter boxes?   I have analog TV and am thinking of dropping
cable TV because the price keeps going up.

Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

subsidized (2 per household) but not free.  About $50 with the subsidy
and twice that without it.  If you have cable, you may not need it.

timeOday wrote:
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Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

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The fcc will use the $$$ to but mixed drinks for their favorite whore,
as thay always have done.

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Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

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You're mixing up two different issues: high-definition television (HDTV) and
digital television (DTV).  HDTV is here already, and 2009 has nothing to do
with that.  DTV is also already here, but currently coexists in parallel
with analog TV.

The FCC has mandated that all over-the-air analog broadcasts must cease by
early 2009.  They're not saying you can't keep your analog TV.  They're not
saying you have to buy a HDTV.  They're just saying that broadcasters can't
send analog signals over the air anymore.  Keep all of this in context, and
you can evaluate how it will affect you.

It sounds like you're currently receiving analog signals, through an analog
antenna, feeding an analog tuner.  To receive digital broadcasts over the
air, you'll need an antenna capable of receiving digital transmissions.
Digital transmission frequencies are in the UHF spectrum, so if you've
already got a good UHF antenna, you may not need to buy another.  VHF
antennas will need to be replaced.  Note that the digital signals may or may
not be HD--that's an unrelated issue.

To decode the digital broadcast, you'll also need a digital tuner.  If your
current TV doesn't have a digital tuner, you'll need some kind of converter
box.  That's a digital tuner that outputs on one of the analog channels.  In
effect, this is similar to the way we often hook up VCRs--set the TV to
channel 3 or 4, and use the VCR's tuner to select the channel we want to

Again, the TV that all of this is connected to may or may not be HD.  What
confuses people is that most of the newer TVs support both HD and DTV, so
people start to think they mean the same thing.

The FCC mandate is only about over-the-air transmissions.  Cable and
satellite customers are not directly affected.  Whether or not those
customers need digital TVs or tuners is strictly a matter of the type of
service the provider provides.  There's nothing saying the cable company
can't continue to send analog signals to their customers if they want to do
so.  However, I think most cable providers will phase out analog service, if
they haven't already.

Finally, note that in the major metropolitan areas, many broadcasters are
already sending digital broadcasts on a UHF channel, in addition to the main
VHF analog channel.  So in 2009, they won't be doing some big switchover,
they'll simply be shutting off one of the two transmitters they've already
got in operation.

Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

jfenn@lava.net says...
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HDTV is not starting in 2009, it is already here.  Early 2009 is
when all the old analog stations are slated to be turned off and
there will be nothing but digital.

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The only thing your old analog set will find without help is local
amateur TV, if you know how to tune it.  Set top converter boxes
are available now, but not dirt cheap yet.  Your existing antenna
will probably work fine.

Re: 2009 HDTV Coming

Coming in 2009?  Tell that to the set I bought last year.  "the new
hdtv" has been here for a decade.  what's happening in 2009 is that NTSC
TV ("old" TV) is disappearing, not that the new system is coming.  The
new system has been here for years, in fact for about a decade.

re: "whether my old TV's will be able to see anything at all after the

no, it won't, not off the air, without a converter box.  Categorically
and absolutely.

Re: "I told him in that case they are going to fill the landfill with
tens of thousands of old TV's"

More or less.  But most of the us gets TV via cable, for which the
answer is different (and more complex, sine it varies by cable system.

This is not new, the transition started in the 1990's.  The NTSC system
was adopted before Pearl Harbor was attacked.  It's past time to move
on; the system was good, but it's time has passed.

Joseph Fenn wrote:
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