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Re: 20 Gig maximum for C Drive: Is this enough?

JB wrote:
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Start by looking at what you have on your current machine. If you are
squeezed for space at 20 Go, get the dealer or someone else to resize
the C: partition. You may be able to do it yourself with XP file
management tools, but I'm no expert. My primary partition is only 6 Go
and it supports XP, full Office, Firefox, AVG, etc and I have 1.5 Go
free. I will probably up it to 10 Go, now that I have looked at it, but
there is no rush.
With Partition Magic, you can resize your drives at any time without
I also wonder why so many people treat laptops as if they were some kind
of special animal - they are a computer that is mobile, that's all. They
don't need any special treatment as far as their computing abilities are
You might want to check out this site for lots of computer operating tips.
Have fun with your new baby.

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