2 minute pause during start-up

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My wife has a fairly new Presario B1800 notebook (Win XP Pro). Recently
it has begun to pause during start-up after the background image appears
for 2 minutes. During this time nothing seems to happen and the hard
drive is perfectly still. Then after 2 minutes the icons desktop show
and start-up continues normally. My wife is not in the habit of adding
any new software to her computer and I don't believe she has. She has
McAfee Security Centre installed and I did think initially it may be
that but it seems to load well after the pause.

To me it seems like some type of system checking might be happening but
it is a weird point in start-up to pause for this and if it is it
doesn't involve the hard drive.

Any clues?

All the best,

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Re: 2 minute pause during start-up

Pete wrote:
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It could be a number of things.  First, review all startup applications
from Start button/Run command/type:msconfig[enter key].  Select the
startup tab and review each startup application, comparing the name to
the lists at http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_content.php .  Disable
(uncheck the box) for each that is not needed.  Secondly, check the
network setup.  It might well be set incorrectly and hanging as it
negotiates a connection. This is a good networking resource:


Re: 2 minute pause during start-up

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Most hangups occuring during startup have to do with network issues. It can
be that the laptop is seacrhing for a (cabled or wireless) network not
available. If she uses one or more of them, switch them off temporarily (in
the network settings) to see if the problem persists or not. In that case
simply disable the (wireless) network not around, only to switch it on when
she's around the place where it should be used.


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Re: 2 minute pause during start-up

Disconnect any/all USB devices and see if that helps.  Sometimes a
computer will try to boot from a USB device (in particular, a USB flash
memory card reader).

Pete wrote:
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