17" WXGA vs WSXGA vs WUXGA ?

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I have been looking at 17" laptops (< $2000) for photos, DVD
movies, GPS/map programs and some internet use. All the
laptops in the stores are the WXGA 1440 x 900 size, but  you
can order hp with WSXGA or Dell and Gateway with WUXGA
screens for only about $50-$100 more. So I have not been
able to see any of the higher resolution screens to compare
The WSXGA and WUSGA seem like they would be a lot better for
photos, but what are the cons? Does the text get too small
for most users and/or is there a problem with response time
for movies, viewing angle or contrast?


Re: 17" WXGA vs WSXGA vs WUXGA ?

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Photos and movies?
I never had problems with my 1920 x1200 pixel 17 inch screen....yes
the text get smaller but there is an installed magnifier where you can
just press the button( on top of the keyboard) if you want larger
The viewing angle , contrast and response time were excellent. In
conclusion the pictures were so sharp and oustanding  and HD Quality
BTW this particular unit is a Sony , I can't vouch for others...I had
other notebooks ranging from 13.3-15  from other brands but I never
bother about their picture quality as I use it for other common

Re: 17" WXGA vs WSXGA vs WUXGA ?

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I will use it mostly when on vacations traveling by car so
17" should be ok since it does not need to be carried much.
I do some hobby photography and bring DVD movies or recorded
TV shows to watch (spoiled by Tivo and commercial skip, plus
some places do not have much TV). Do a lot of hiking and
like to play with GPS and map software so bigger screen and
resolution should be a lot less scrolling.

The Sony looks nice but I think they cost a lot more than
the ones I am looking at. I searched the internet reviews a
bit and have seen only a few complaints of text too small
with 1920 x 1200 screens.


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