13" laptops under 2kg

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Hi all,

I'm after a 13" laptop (mainly because of the larger keyboard size
over the 12") that weighs under 2kg and has measurements to match...
so it's as thin and light as possible.
I've looked at the Sony Vaio sz4 series, and that matches my
requirements, I'm just wondering at alternatives. The most important
thing to me is the quality of the keyboard, as I'll be typing a lot,
then the size and portability, as well as the style and looks of the
thing. FWIW, I like nice bright colours as well but this is a
relatively minor point (and I've looked at the Vaio C series but it's
too heavy and bulky at 2.3kg, and quite thick).

If there's a 12" with an excellent keyboard, I might be persuaded to
that one, it's just, as I said, I'll be typing a lot and don't want my
hands to cramp up on the smaller keys.


Re: 13" laptops under 2kg

jd wrote:
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The Dell D620 is just under 2 kg, but I think that's with the 4 cell
battery and no extra items (no graphics card, no Bluetooth module, no
second DIMM). However it's a 14.1" screen, not a 12" screen.

I have no idea about the keyboard quality. One review stated "The D620
keyboard is full size, it is nice and firm with no flex and overall a
pleasure to use.  As with typical Dell keyboards, the key touch is
lighter than say a ThinkPad -- meaning you don't have to push a key
quite as hard to register a keystroke, but it's a bit more easy to
accidentally brush a key and register a keystroke.  Depending on your
typing style you may or may not like this, very fast light touch typers
tend to like Dell keyboards though."

I just ordered one of these for a relative, because it was the only sub
5 pound notebook that had all the features that she wanted. I was kind
of amazed at how the notebook market has degraded in a race to the
bottom, and that there were no notebooks from Lenovo, Toshiba, HP,
Gateway or Sony that met these pretty basic requirements. Fujitsu had
something, but it was over $2000.

These were the requirements:

1. Less than 5 pounds

2. 2GB of DDR

3. Non-integrated graphics

4. Bluetooth

5. CardBus slot (ExpressCard not necessary, but would be nice)

6. FIR

7. Minimum of 14" screen

8. Minimum of 3 year warranty

7. Intel Core2 Duo CPU (CPU MHz can be the lowest available)

8. Minimum 100GB hard drive, 5400 RPM is sufficient

9. Vista Ultimate (was Vista Home Premium, but it wasn't available on
this model, and I found out that Vista Business lacked some features
that she wanted)

10. DVD+/-RW

11. Maximum of $2000

Re: 13" laptops under 2kg

On Dell corporate deployments, I've set-up, configured, and bench-
tested a fair number of D620's, and found I like it pretty well; fast
(Core 2 Duo), powerfull (2GB RAM on all the ones I've handled),
reasonably expandable (plenty of USB 2.0 ports) and upgradable (SATA-2
HD; some had the PCI-Express Quaddro card option : both upgradeable,
along with the RAM), good keyboard and the whole package is
surprisingly light, even the maxed-out ones.  Two caveats:  go for the
upgraded screen; everyone who saw my Sony's X-Brite display side-by-
side to a standard D620 display really noticed the difference (that's
o.k.--leads to upgrade orders!).  I use my laptops extensively, and
the X-Brite makes a real difference when you're doing hours of
paperwork.  Much less eye-strain, much happier colors.  When I bought
the Sony, Dell wasn't even offering a comparable built-in display,
they do now.  Secondum, the D620 uses a bottom-venting exhaust fan--
death for doing work on your lap, or any fabric-covered surface.  You
need a clean, smooth-top desk or a laptop stand to keep it on.

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Re: 13" laptops under 2kg

dg wrote:
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I did order the upgraded display for the extra $25, though Dell's
display comparison pop-up didn't indicate that it was any brighter, just
slightly higher resolution.

Thanks for the heads-up on the exhaust fan. Usually the intake is on the
bottom so you don't want to be using it on a table cloth, but the
exhaust is out the sides. Is the D620 different?

I build Plexiglas raised stands for my notebooks, with holes cut in the
appropriate places for the fans and vents, and often an extra USB
powered thin fan in the proper location. Maybe I'll build one for my niece.

It was really the weight that clinched it for the Dell. There are very
few notebooks with a 14" screen that are that light.

I also noticed that the D620 is the base unit for Dell's ruggedized

Between the 12% premier discount, and the 4% discount for using a Dell
account, the total wasn't too bad.

Re: 13" laptops under 2kg

I hate to admit it, but perhaps I misspoke myself, and I don't have
one at hand to check.  I'd noticed a lot of heat and air-flow at the
bottom of the laptops.  Personally, exhaust or intake, I want the air-
flow coming in the sides and out the back.  Less likely to clog or
intake moisture.
I double checked current Dell options, and it doesn't give me the
option to upgrade the display (maybe out of stock?).  Perhaps the
display you ordered is the best they were then currently offering; at
the time I last priced the Latitudes I was deploying (6 months ago?),
there was a $200 upgrade option that made it comparable to mine
(VAIO), and perhaps that's standard now.

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Re: 13" laptops under 2kg

dg wrote:
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The display option when I ordered were:

14.1"WXGA (1280 x 800 resolution)
14.1"WXGA+ (1440 X 900 resolution) (+$30).

I was hesitant to get the higher resolution panel, not due to the price,
but because the 1440x900 appears to be a non-standard resolution.

Are you saying that there used to be a higher resolution screen? I don't
even see any Vaio's with 14.1" screens.

In my case, the 14.1" screen was a compromise to stay under 5 pounds,
they really wanted the 15.4" screen, and the 13" screen wouldn't have
been acceptable.

Hopefully they will like this notebook. There weren't any other options
that met their requirements, due to the decontenting of so many
notebooks, and the loss of CardBus, FIR, and discrete graphics processor.

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