1280x1024 on a Vaio A190 / A290

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Does anyone have one of these laptops (1920x1200 native res. screen) running
in 1280x1024 in FULL screen (i.e. no black borders)?

If you do, I'd love to hear how you did it as mine refuses to go into
1280x1024 full screen. I called Sony and they say it's a limitation of the
panel but it seems strange as the DELL XPS units have the same res, same
video card and, according to their user groups, it is a limitation of the
ATI Mobility 9700

Any thoughts appreciated



Re: 1280x1024 on a Vaio A190 / A290

Dangermouse wrote:
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Think about this: the widescreen is 16:9 format, and what you want is
4:3 format which is doable if you accept the black borders required for
a one to one pixel mapping.  Making the transition to filling the screen
wants in the horizontal direction 1280 pixels mapped onto 1920 pixels
and in the vertical direction 1024 pixels mapped onto 1280 pixels.
Neither of these mappings is integral so the resulting one pixel you
want to see is mapped onto adjacent pixels you don't want to see so that
a single pixel becomes a fuzzy blob, not to mention that a square
becomes a stretched rectangle since the ratio 16/4 is not the same as
9/3.  There's no point to this mapping at all since users won't tolerate
the reduction of fidelity.

If you really want to do this, look in either BIOS setup, Sony Notebook
setup, or the display properties for "screen expansion".  You could also
try using the Catalyst driver from ATI or the Omega driver (Google).  Be
prepared to fall back to Safe Mode if either of these fail to work so
you can reinstall the OEM driver.


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