Your thoughts on Context Specific Wikis?

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I just wrote a psuedo-Wiki in OO Perl. It is designed to keep document
formats seperate from user data. It is not strictly a Wiki because it
doesn't use Wiki abbreviated text formatting, but rather plain text
supplied by the user. But it is fairly trivial to add additional
document formats via HTML::Template to the mix and thereby adjust
document formatting and user input processing.

My first implimentation for example is a glossary. It allows users to
update/add/delete indevidual glossary entries and the main page is
always sorted alphanumerically. It would be pretty easy to add modules
for doing FAQs, Contact Lists, I'm actually kind of interested in
making a Quiz  Wiki, where users can configure quizes and tests for
subsequent users.

I'd be interested in hearing any opinions on the matter. It would also
be really helpfull if I could get some suggestions for document styles
that might be appropriate module additions.

Thanks in advance!
Matt Sibley
Crosswire Labs
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