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Version 4.2 of the XML FAQ (July 2005) is now available at:

     http://xml.silmaril.ie /

The printable (PDF, PS) versions will be updated later.

Updates this quarter:

        Address for the new RNG mailing list
        Updated section on Schemas
        New links for the SGML Declaration for XML
        Credits for some untagged names
        New list of related FAQs
        Expanded question on "Why XML?"
        Additional information on WYSIAYFWG interfaces for XSLT
        New link to email a question/answer to someone

Upcoming next quarter:

        XML Pipelines
        Revised information on using XML with PHP and MySQL

Please report all errors and problems to me by email to the address
xmlFAQ@Silmaril.IE.  By all means also post queries to the newsgroups
and mailing lists, but please copy them to me also if you want them to
be actioned.

If you are responsible for other lists, groups, or sites which link
to the old address (http://www.ucc.ie/xml /) I would be grateful if
you would update them.

X-Distribution: XML-L, c.t.x, c.t.s, xml-dev, XSL-List, xml.com

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