XHTML Mime Type support in MSIE 7.0

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No surprize, Mime type application/xml+xhtml will not be supported:


James Pickering
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Re: XHTML Mime Type support in MSIE 7.0

James Pickering wrote:
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Surely a good thing?   And Chris Wilson's argument for not doing so is
a very good one.

No browser _needs_ to support application/xml+xhtml.  No server must
ever serve it to a browser that doesn't want it. There's a population
of non-XHTML browsers out there for the forseeable future, so this is a
real issue in server config.

And as that blog points out, a broken half-assed XHTML implementation
in IE7 would be a very bad thing.

OTOH, wasn't Chris Wilson involved in CDF years ago?  Another of those
M$oft abominations (like ASX) that looked like XML but wasn't. It was
case-insensitive where it shouldn't have been, yet sensitive to the
quote character used (and other random nastiness betraying a parser
hacked up on a Friday afternoon).

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