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Dear alls

I am trying to put an image with text wrapped all around it except the
top part. Is it possible to do that without using invinsible tables?
Any advice will be immencely appreciated. Thanking you in advance for
the foregoing information.


Re: Wrapping an Image!

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Use CSS and float.

The HTML could be as simple as this:

<img ... style="float:left; margin: 0 1em 1em 0.5em;" >
<p>Lorem ipsum ...

http://brainjar.com/css/positioning/ should explain the details

Re: Wrapping an Image!

Andy Dingley wrote:
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I think what the OP wants is more like a "float:top" so he gets

text text T---------T more text text
more text |  A   A  | some more text
text here | < ~~~ > | even more text
yet still |  [ v ]  | more and more
text even L_________] though it is
pretty darned boring and not very
interesting at all.

Unfortunately, float:top and float:bottom haven't been invented yet.

I do not know how to achieve the effect without tables, and even with
tables it's quite messy, since the text size and table rendering
algorithms will be critical in separating legible text from an
incredible mish-mash of words near an image.

Your BrainJar article includes the text "Due to the inconsistencies
noted previously in how browsers handle relatively positioned elements,
nesting absolute elements inside relative elements may also cause
unexpected results and be worth avoiding." So I'm not sure what to suggest.


Re: Wrapping an Image!


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The OP is evidently already such an expert that they're telling other
people how to do it. Clearly they don't need _our_ help!

Re: Wrapping an Image!

Huseyin wrote:
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If you want to have a line of text begin on the left of the image and
continue on the right, PLEASE DON'T.  This is very annoying to those of
us who might want to read the text.

If you want two columns of text with the image between them, that's
quite a different thing.  First, you define the necessary CSS to create
side-by-side columns of text.  Then you embed the image in the right
side of the left column or the left side of the right column.


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