Worst site ever (a continuing series)

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http://marlboro.com /

Go and look with a non-IE.  Then read the source to see just how
they've achieved it.

Found by the incomparable

Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

Andy Dingley wrote:
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"AnchorObj.click is not a function", according to the Firefox Javascript
Console. Presumably IE supports this "function". Who cares.

But why on earth did they do this? Apart from setting a session cookie,
all it seems to do is a redirect, so I can't see the point.

And how come a JSP site is "Generated by Visual Studio.NET"? I thought
Microsoft were forbidden to use the brand "Java"; does that not extend
to Java Server Pages?

http://www.jackpot.uk.net /

Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

Jack wrote:
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The .NET page isn't on a JSP site. The page you're looking at and the
page it redirects to are on two different sites.

Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

Andy Dingley wrote:
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It appears that there's another one to add to the list...

http://virtualdub.net /

Compare that to the http://www.virtualdub.org/ or http://www.virtualdub.com /,
both of which were created by Avery Lee (the man behind the
VirtualDub software). Avery posted information about a man
in Germany that registered a "word mark" on the word,
"VirtualDub" after the fact that the software already existed
well before the "Word Mark" registration in Germany.

Not quite as bad as the marlboro site, as far as website design
goes, but the German man who created it only seems to show
pages in the German language and he directly links to Avery's
websites for file downloads. Not sure if this is the same man
that registered the "Word Mark" in Germany, but Avery posts
the following at his homepage (http://www.virtualdub.org /):

"Illicit word mark registered on "VirtualDub" in Germany"

"I have just gotten word that someone has registered
"VirtualDub" as a "word mark" in Germany as of June 6, 2006
and is now sending out notices to people in that country
demanding money for so much as mentioning the program and
linking to the SourceForge download from their website. I,
Avery Lee, have nothing to do with this and am vigorously
opposed to any such registration. This is an attempt at
fraud. Both the first public release of the program and
the website registration far predate the word mark's
registration, and I have not authorized anyone to be a
software distributor or representative on my behalf with
regard to VirtualDub."

"The big problem here is that (a) I am not a lawyer, (b) I
have no presence whatsoever in Germany, and (c) I do not
speak German. I am a citizen and resident of the United
States of America and speak English. If anyone could
provide help or experience with combating this problem, I
would very much appreciate it. I intend to look into this
and try to do what I can to stop it."

As far domain name registration goes, virtualdub.net shows
up as initially registered on June 18, 2001.

Avery's websites, show up as:
http://www.virtualdub.com/ May 18, 2000
http://www.virtualdub.org/ November 25, 2000

If anyone knows of a way to check when the registration in
sourceforge.net occured, that might be a worthwhile addition
to the topic.

Go figure.

Jim Carlock
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Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I took a peek with a secured IE6 UA & drew a "blank" - a recurring theme at
SPAM & phishing sites: The source code screams "trust me!", which in my
experience means one of two things:

1. "Don't trust me because I am going to steal something from you"
2. "Get lost!"

Considering that it is a cigarette company, option #1 doesn't surprise me.
The cigarette moguls are directly responsibly for more than 19,000
fatalities per annum in Australia alone. This is several times higher than
the death toll from terrorism worldwide - and Australia has a tiny little
backwoods population of only 20 million! Even PayPal has five times more
customers than Australia has men women & children! Populated as they say in
Calabria, "By four flies and a dog!"

So I see a site like that, and thinking psychopathic cigerette company,
yeah right!

"Please trust us, we only want to kill you!"


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Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

Number 11950 - GPEMC! Replace number with 11950 wrote:

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At least they're not Spammers.

Re: Worst site ever (a continuing series)

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