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Re: Why does Firefox use 47 MB of RAM?

    >>> xxxxxxxx 25 0 119m 13m 46m R 99.1 1.3 16821:26 kdeinit

    >>  Is that 16821 hours of CPU time? How could that be possible
    >> when the system has only been up for about a month? Whatever it
    >> is, I say this looks like a KDE bug. I't use "strace -p 9104"
    >> to find out what is going on.

    Joseph2k> I think it is seconds.  "strace -p 9104" produced
    Joseph2k> garbage.

It should be minutes.  Don't you see the ":" following "16821"?

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Re: Why does Firefox use 47 MB of RAM?

|I just did a "ps aux" on my Linux system and realized that
|Firefox uses a massive 47 MB of RAM, and Thunderbird
|uses an amazing 45 MB. I don't have a "hot rod" P4 computer
|so perhaps this is all the more alarming to me, but
|something seems to have gone wrong, I think.

Hehehe, firefox 1.5 on Win XP has 118 Megs of my RAM right now, and I've seen it
get up to 400MB.  Rumors I've read say it has something to do with forward and
back arrow caching.

I only have Mozilla 1.7.8 on the only linux box (Debian Sarge) that sees the
light of init 5 around here, and with 8 tabs open, and a little back and forth
through pages, It's taking up 51 Megs - with only the browser portion in use..
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