Whining and bitching about MSIE 6 CSS bugs and CSS support

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Followup-to: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets

Dear fellow web developer colleagues and gentlemen,

I want to tell you all that now would be the time to report all your CSS
bugs, CSS requests, etc.. to MSIE 7 dev. team via this page:


Just create an account and properly add your findings, requests,
discovered bugs, etc.


- I am sure not all bugs have been reported so far
- the more testcases we can provide MSIE 7 dev. team, the more likely
these bugs will be fixed in the next upcoming release, at least, in
standards compliant rendering mode (triggered by the doctype decl). They
can't remain silent to well worded demands, documented spec violations,
testcased bugs which obviously must have been discovered, figured out
from real webpage design efforts

I certainly do not want to deal (workaround, ugly hacks) with CSS 1 bugs
and CSS 2.1 bugs for the next 5 years.

"It is very important to fix bugs as they appeared, otherwise with time,
developers find ugly hacks to work around them and then much later,
Microsoft can not fix the bugs because nobody asks to fix these and
fixing these would break their webpages. A very miserable and stupid
situation IMO."

So speak up and demonstrate the MSIE 6 bugs you have found. Back up your
claims with a demo, testcase, quoting specs, etc... Do a professional
effort to help sanitize this upcoming browser version that no one will
be able to ignore when doing a webpage. If you've been whining and
bitching for years about MSIE 6, then do a good job now. You increase
your chances of not whining and bitching later during years about MSIE 7
CSS bugs and CSS support. :)

Thanks :)

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Followup-to: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets

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