Which editor do you use to write HTML?

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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering what you all use to write and edit your HTML and
organize your websites. I currently use Microsoft Frontpage 2003.  Hold
on! Before you all jump on me for using a Microsoft product, hear me
out!  :>)   Where I used to use Frontpage in WYSISYG mode, I have
completely forgone that and now use it in text edit mode. It's actually
a pretty powerful html editor.

There are certain features that Frontpage has that I really like and am
wondering if there are other editors that will do the same thing as
well or better than Frontpage.  Here are some features that I like:

1) Color coded editing: HTML tags have a different color (purple). So
do attributes (red) and their text (blue). So <p style="text-align:
left"> would look like: <p (purple) style=(red)"text-align: left">
(blue).If you mis-type or forget a quotation, all the colors change to
"mistake" mode (all red), providing an easy visual that something is

2) Keystoke based code snippets: By pressing CTRL-ENTER, I can easily
insert snippets of frequently used code (like Doctype declarations) to
save typing time.

3) Tag finders/selectors: If I think I have a wayward start or end tag
and can choose that tag and select "find matching tag". Same goes with
braces, etc.

4) I can use the Microsoft "Find/Replace" feature to change/replace/add
sections of code to multiple pages at a time. For instance, if I wanted
to replace my Transitonal Doctype with the Strict Doctype throughout
the whole website, I can use Find/Replace to change it in all the
pages,  just selected pages, or just the open pages. If I wanted to
change <div class="today"> to <div class="tomorrow">, I can use
Find/Replace to replace that code throughout the site.

5) Site management tools: Frontpage keeps track of all the
files/hyperlinks and website structure. If I change a file name, it
will let me know how many pages are linked to that file and ask if I
want to update the links with the new file name. It will do the same if
I move the file to a new folder.

6) Visual, flow-chart style view of the website so you can see how the
site is layed out and how it flows.

7) Built-in FTP feature that will upload for your. Keeps track of
changes and gives you the option of only uploading changed files.
Compares local copy with published copy and tells you of any

Those are some of the features that I like. What other HTML editors or
site-management suites do the same types of things? What do you all
use? I'm wondering if what else there is out there (besides Macromedia
Dream Weaver) that I may possibly switch to?

Looking forward to hearing from you all...

Viken K.

Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

In our last episode,
the lovely and talented Viken Karaguesian
broadcast on comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Joe, tricked out with a number of macros to do tags and send
things through tidy and nsgmls whenever advisable.  I do most
eveything with php cli, and joe does that as well with a logical
(and configurable) relation between the syntax coloring in both.
Generally I use lynx as my file manager, so it easy to view a
file as html and edit it with joe as the lynx editor.  There are
two tiny annoyances with lynx - it converts all tags in view
source (but not in the file) to uppercase, and it doesn't have
an intuitive copy command, but in fact you can make one by using
the "download" screen.

I haven't actually done it yet, but the next step is to give joe
macros to run files through php cli.

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Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?


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Hey Viken. I use NoteTab Pro for everything, except FTP, with which I
use WS_FTP Pro. NoteTab is a wonderful text editor:

http://www.notetab.com /

I couldn't even begin to list all the things it does, though syntax
highlighting is one of them. Their global search and replace is
excellent. It takes less than a minute to replace something in 2500 or
so files, as I've had to do. A few files is instantaneous. It has HTML
TIdy built in, as well as an interesting macro language in which you
write "clips" that automate certain tasks. The tabbed interface is
nice, too. So is the small footprint.

The main thing with any text editor is that it won't mess with your
code. Some of them are more robust than NoteTab, like JEdit, but I
found I didn't like what JEdit offered, and the plug-in system was
confusing. I generally don't like programs written in Java anyway, but
you didn't hear that from me. :-)

http://www.bookstacks.org /

Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

Thanks for the suggestion, Ian. I'll have to check out NoteTab.


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Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

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I use HTMLValidator, try it out free here

http://www.siliconglen.com/usability /

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Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

Viken Karaguesian wrote:
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Crimson Editor (http://www.crimsoneditor.com ) it's free, and has a
variety of user-definable syntax highlighting & such features. It comes
with default definitions for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and a bunch of
others, and you can modify them as you need.

It's also freeware.

Re: Which editor do you use to write HTML?

vikenk@aol.com says...
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I would strongly recommend HTML-Kit at www.chami.com.  Free, fully
configurable with an amazing number of plug-ins for any purpose.

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