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Dear www.authoring.html --

Since this group's description is "Writing HTML for the web", I
imagined that y'all might be interested, from both a literary and a
structural design standpoint, to take a look at a project of mine: a
hypertext platform for writing and publishing stories on the web.

The system makes a distinction between textual fragments and shards:
"Fragments" being the essential parts of the story, necessary to
convey the meaning that the author intends -- the fragments are the
large blocks running in an axis down the center of the piece. "Shards"
are the extra bits of information: explanations, responses, symbolisms
and descriptions, and things like that.

To create and link to a new fragment, you drag one of the large arrows
to an empty space. To link two fragments, you drag and drop the arrow
from one fragment to the other. The same principle (with the little
arrow) works for the shards. You can rearrange the structure of the
work by dragging around the boxes.

I've named the website Hypertextopia, tongue in cheek. You can try it
out at Hypertextopia.com

Anyway, give it a shot, if you have the time.

Best wishes,
-- omygawshkenas

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