What sort of list for links in navigation?

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Most of my old navigation links take the form
<a href ...> ... </a> <br>
<a href ...> ... </a> <br>

I would like to change the navigation to lists.  However I can not
decide whether to use <ul> or <ol> for some of them.

In cases where I have say a list of links to other sites within a page,
I am happy to use <ul> as that seems to me to make sense.

However where I have a sequence of my own pages (say, to issue 1, issue
2, etc), I was wondering whether I should use <ol>?

This seemed to be more consistent in matching the list type to the
semantics of the page.  Then I thought perhaps for consistency all my
sidebar navigation should be <ol> since in most cases there would be
some order to the list (alphabetical, subject, historical, etc.)

However the disadvantage is that when a browser does not handle CSS, an
<ol> would include a numeral, rather than the less obtrusive bullet of
an unordered list.

I anticipate a number of my viewers will be using browsers that will not
handle CSS fully (Opera 3 and Opera 5 for Epoc PDA) or the pages will be
preprocessed for display by a third party application.  However I
anticipate many future viewers will be using modern browsers that can
take advantage of CSS.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether ordered or unordered lists
would be the best general approach to navigation lists?


Re: What sort of list for links in navigation?

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Unordered lists have always appeared to be more flexible to me.



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