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OK, so I took this little "adult education" course on web design and
we did some HTML, some JavaScript and we're going to do some PHP next.

But I just tried my hand at designing a "real" web page and I suck!
Here's the prototype: http://fmechess.org/opc/index.html What I now
realize is how little I really know about these things.

What should I do to get better? More courses - does anyone know of
some web design courses? More books - What books? Please be relatively
kind. Thanks. Ideally I'd like to work on web pages, but I
realistically can see that I'm nowhere near good enough to think about
doing it for a living.

Oh, and if there is a newsgroup for generic web design conversations,
please let me know which one it is. Thanks again.

Re: What now?

MikeB scribed:

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I think you're off to a good start.

First, try validating the site and correct the little errors, especially the
one about specifying character encoding.

Don't use red for the text against the background. Not enough contrast.

Add some padding in your main content area, so the text is against the

You might want to take another look at of the content area. It's not
centered. You probably also want to shy away from absolute positioning, as
that may get you in trouble with some browsers. Make sure you look at the
site in all popular browsers. I don't like the background, but that's my
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: What now?

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Here are some related links http://rock13.com/webhelp/authoring.html

Are you looking for more experience in the 'programming' side of design
or the designing, i.e. the usability and aesthetics, itself?

I like the Oreilly books on most web topics if you need a reference
book handy. You might look at some site templates that appeal to you
and view the source to see how it was done.

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You got to start somewhere. (Your own sites and demos being the safe
place, then voluntary projects may be a second level). :-)

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c.i.w.a.site-design perhaps

Rob McAninch
http://rock13.com /

Re: What now?

Rob McAninch wrote:
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Joe Barta's tutorials? You must be joking. It's absolute rubbish and
full of bad practices. No one should be using such outdated crap any more.


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