Website works in Firefox not in IE...

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Hello, all -

I am making a website for a group I am involved in. I designed it with
Dreamweaver, and tested it in Firefox. Unfortunately, though, I
discovered upon showing other people that it does not appear in IE.

The website address, temporarily, is:

Please let me know what might fix this. I've been learning as I go,
and cannot figure this one out.

Thank you,

Re: Website works in Firefox not in IE... wrote:

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Dreamweaver can be a useful tool, but mostly for those who already have
good knowledge of HTML (and CSS). The generation of class names like
.style5 is a sign of some cluelessness. They don't say anything about
the function or meaning of the element they're identifying.

As you have probably learned, testing in only one browser in
insufficient. Test at least in Firefox, IE7, IE6, and Safari. You must
know what platforms or standard software is recommended or required by
UMaine for its students and provided to its employees; make sure those
are covered, too, if different from the above.

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Without looking at it too long, my first suggestion is to fix the syntax
errors. Run your page(s) through the W3C's validator at and after you've corrected the errors it finds
the problem may go away "on its own".

When you do that, you'll have alt texts for your side links for when the
images aren't available.

BTW, you should set a background color for the page, for those users
whose default background is not white, foreground color for places where
you've declared a BG color. Try

body { background-color:#FFFFFF; color:#000000; }

Go ahead and remove the comment markers (<!-- , -->) from your CSS, too.

BTW2, The marquee is annoying, as always, but I have seen worse. I do
wonder whether your IE problem is related to the JS in the table rather
than in the head where it belongs. What happens when you delete the
whole script element?

Lastly, I urge you to rework the top nav links. These links are an
unordered list of items, but you've marked them up as one long table
header for a table with one column and no other rows. Using a string of
dashes hidden with the BG color is unnecessary (and, well, tacky), too.
Last but certainly not least, the text is way too small.

The other markup needs much improving, too, but I've already criticized
enough, and you didn't ask for a critique. So fix the validation errors
and see what you get in IE then. (Validation would take more work with a
strict doctype than the transitional you have now, but really, a new
page ought to be strict, since it's not transitioning from anything.)

HTH. And I, too, agree with the sentiment, "Go, Blue!", something we
always said on campus when I was at U-M*. Good luck.

*The one in Ann Arbor.


Re: Website works in Firefox not in IE...

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Since you are using Dreamweaver, you might as well use some of its
features like page validation and browser compatability checking.
These are accessible through the menus as well as one of the
default toolbars.

I would still suggest using the W3 validators - both the html
and css ones - but the built-in DW tools will catch a lot of stuff
for you first.

I configure my pages in DW to use an external style sheet, so I
don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel.  Whenever I create a
style, I give it a meaningful class name, which makes it easier
to access and use elsewhere within the page/site.

Re: Website works in Firefox not in IE...

David Stone wrote:
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I didn't say I was using Dreamweaver. The OP said he is. I think you
replied to the wrong post. Anyway, I wouldn't trust Macromedia or Adobe
to provide a current, correct, and complete validator. Not when I can
get to the W3C's so fast from my browser.

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Okay, that might be so. My brief experience with Dreamweaver's validator
(in DW MX, I think) led me to think it wasn't as complete as the W3C's,
so I just dropped the attempt to use it. Now I view my page in FF
(anyway) and validate at W3C via the Web Developer toolbar I've added to it.

Pondering the value of the UIP: /

Re: Website works in Firefox not in IE...

On 2007-10-02, wrote:
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   Besides following John's advice, remove all the <BR>s, and use <P>
   instead. Get rid of fixed widths, too.


   Chris F.A. Johnson                      <
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

Re: Website works in Firefox not in IE... wrote:
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Besides the advise others have given, learn some more about optimizing
graphics, including when to use jpg vs png (or gif).

12KB for a small picture of text and a line drawing is way too big. It
should be about a 1-2KB png instead of a 12KB jpg.


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