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hi, as a novice at web design i have created a site for a friend. this
was checked on a number of different browsers and appears fine. my
friend however says that the menu bar and images jump up and down from
one page to the next in relation to the homepage. furthermore the
picture alignment on the homepage on her computer appears differently
(bird image below the figure and pots whereas these should appear in
one line)

can anyone look at the source for and
advise please?

i'm really confused because my friend is viewing the site on Windows
XP, Internet Explorer the same as me so why are we seeing different


Re: website layout anomolies

On 2006-08-15, wrote:
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   You may be using different fonts, differently sized windows,
   different screen resolutions, etc.

   You will see another issue on this screenshot from my browser, and
   it may give a hint to help resolve other problems:

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Re: website layout anomolies wrote:

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A design will rarely look the same in all browsers and on different
computers. Stop worrying about that. If it is designed correctly, it
will work in all browsers.

1. New documents should use a Strict doctype, not Transitional, which is
for "transitioning" old documents.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
   " ">

2. Assign a background color to the body. I see my ugly default purple,
and Chris sees yellow.
3. Assign font-size: 100% to the body, drop the 85% for content, and up
the size of H2 to about 130%.
4. Antiquated, fixed-width table design. Use CSS and let it flow with
browser window size. Horizontal scroll bar on narrow window.
5. Move the CSS to an external file, and remove the HTML comment markers
from it, the:  <!-- and the -->

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Re: website layout anomolies

thanks! exactly the kind of feedback i needed

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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Re: website layout anomolies wrote:
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 Take a look at: ;ss=1&amp;outline=1

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Depends entirely on the browser set-up and configuration.

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Regards Chad.

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