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dunno if that is a Newbie question or not and maybe somebody can help.
I have programmed  a couple of my own pages just using a texteditor. I
use very simple language and frames. No fancy gimmicks, no jawa, gifs,
colors, fonts or anything, just simple html language with loads of
pictures embedded and text. (See here e.g. www.stephenbottcher.net)

Now here's my question:
1) Say, frame A has a.htm as its source
2) Say, frame B has b.htm and so on
3) the index.htm contains the frame information  and subsequently
calls up a.htm and b.htm into the respecting frames.

Now, somebody could directly access a.htm or b.htm and would not see
any of the other frames and contents. The content would not make

By using HTML language, is there a way to figure out whether index.htm
had requested the a.htm page or of the request came through from
somewhere else?

The idea is, if I coulsd detect that somebody wanted to access a page
which without the other frames does not make sense (is out of context)
I would immediately redirect the request to the index.htm and
everybody would be happy.

I hope what I say makes sense to somebody.


Thanks. Stephen

Re: Webpage access

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, Stephen

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Welcome to one of the many problems with frames.

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No. HTML can't *do* anything. It merely describes the structure of the

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It can be done with Javascript, but that won't work for anyone with
Javascript disabled/unavailable.

Best solution is to ditch the frames.

Mark Parnell

Now implementing http://blinkynet.net/comp/uip5.html

Re: Webpage access

Stephen wrote:
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After I load your page with frames, I might want to view each frame in a
separate tab within my browser window.  This is a capability of my
browser.  You want to prevent me from doing this?


David E. Ross

Concerned about someone (e.g., Pres. Bush) snooping
into your E-mail?  Use PGP.
See my <http://www.rossde.com/PGP/

Re: Webpage access

Stephen wrote:
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Which is one of the reasons why it's best not to use frames.

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Usually, but not reliably.

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