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Osmo Saarikumpu wrote:

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The funny thing there is that they are not even using the HTML5 `video'
element when they could; Flash content could serve as fallback if neither of
the video formats specified by `source' elements were supported (and a
hyperlink could/should be provided as last fallback).

It should also be noted that the BBC way of embedding Flash content breaks
when you use the FlashBlock ( extension (in "Chromium 8.0.1025.151
[Developer Build 130497 Linux] built on Debian wheezy/sid, running on Debian
6.0.4").  Usually in that case, Flash content is blocked and you can click
the box (or the Flash icon in the box) to enable it.  In this case, there is
no such icon and clicking the empty space that the image is replaced by does
nothing.  This is probably cause by FlashBlock only registering the Flash
content when the document is loaded: Since there is no Flash content in the
original document, it cannot be found by FlashBlock afterwards.

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